QuickSpec: Go Team Go Edition

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  1. ZINGER  

    Black people not going to class and squandering opportunities at education? WHAT ELSE IS NEW? ZING!!!

  2. that roaree  

    is an imposter and really ugly. its the perfect example of inbreeding

  3. hey  

    i think you mean puns to word
    it's like an sat analogy (maybe youre one of the classes that took the crazy analogy free version and thus youre lost?)
    words : puns :: 7 : 2
    the relationship is that there are 7 word to 2 puns, thus 7:2 word to pun ratio. saying 7:2 puns to words ratio implies you have more puns than words which i have to say would be considerably more impressive. i was let down to say the least when i realized it was simply an error on your part

  4. wow

    it is ken the lion. that was from like 2004. you can see that he is holding a copy of warren st. john's book rammer jammer yellow hammer in his hands.

  5. Roar-ee  

    I challenged Ken to a fight to the death...and lived to tell the tale.

  6. Roar-ee  

    is my hero. 'Nuff said.

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