The Case of the Missing Spicy Chicken: Part II

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A couple weeks ago, Bwog reported on the sudden and upsetting disappearance of JJ’s spicy chicken. However, inside sources revealed that the finest culinary delight Columbia has to offer has been reintroduced to the menu of JJ’s.

That’s right. Spicy Chicken is back.

Reduced to a humble cafeteria by the loss of the famed dish, the reappearance may allow JJ’s to reclaim its gastronomic renown  amongst connoisseurs of haute poulet

Tony Hall, General Manager of Columbia Dining Services, said a new JJ’s manager cut the Spicy Chicken in an attempt to streamline inventory. This culinary Prometheus attempted to synthesize the glory of the Spicy Chicken with a profane combination of Seasoned Chicken and hot sauce.

Students were not impressed, and after a variety of petitions, the humbled manager bowed to popular will.  

– Joe Meyers

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  1. Retards  

    Did they really think seasoned chicken and hot sauce could cut it? You're kidding right?
    Dining (and Housing) need to be shot.

  2. Now  

    Just bring back curly fries.

  3. sick  

    im so sick of these fat white dudes in sandals and backwards baseball caps who give pounds only to the black workers at JJs because it is their brief moment of being cool and urban in front of their fat white boyfriends

  4. yeah  

    none of those thick crinkle cut fries... ew. bring back the waffle fries!

  5. FINALLY  


  6. it's all about  

    hot sauce and peanut butter... mix them together, put them on chicken, your worldview rearranged.

  7. hunh  

    an attempt to streamline inventory?

    JJs has inventory?

  8. "haute poulet"  

    HIGH chicken is right...

  9. please  

    i've been doing regular strips and hot sauce for years. you get more chicken that way.

  10. Poulet por favor  

    I still can't quite figure out how they decided to stick with seasoned in the first place. A)THEY ARENT ACTUALLY SEASONED AT ALL and B) uber dry and gross. Spicy and Regular were definitely the top two.

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