Columbia Cupcakes Against War

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From 12:00 until 2:00, Columbia Coalition Against the War is willing to buy your petition signature with both normal cupcakes (the smallest type of cakes) and vegan cupcakes. The petition asks CU to divest from military contractors involved in the Iraq War. Those investments have probably paid off well so far, but now, says CCAW, is the time to sell.

 CCAW originally planned to set up shop outside Butler, but say they’re trying to move the operation to the Lerner ramps due to inclement weather.

UPDATE: The event is postponed until tomorrow “due to rain.” Bwog ain’t seen much rain, but we’re not a weather blog, so maybe they’re right.

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  1. vegan cupcakes  

    make me want to start a war

    • obviously  

      you've never had one. Although I'm a staunch believer in meat and other animal by-products, I sampled a vegan cupcake last weekend and found it to be moist and delicious.

    • Wah  

      Generic response to obligatory anti-vegan and anti-vegetarian comment much? Oh yeah, I'll also provide your witty counter-retort:

      Lulz, dem vegan hippiez is sure self-righteous, amirite?

  2. ummmm  

    That's kind of pathetic. Buying signatures with cupcakes is very strange, and hopefully no one is signing this thing unless they support the cause. CCAW is getting weirder and weirder in my book. But in general cupcakes are deelicious...

  3. sadness  

    way to lie to me, bwog. i went to both lerner ramps and outside of butler...no cupcakes. only the european society. granted, they had cupcakes, but they weren't free.

  4. gah  

    postponed entirely to tomorrow due to rain! not in lerner either. show up TOMORROW in front of Butler 12-2 and get a cupcake.

    sorry, everyone! someone forgot to update bwog...

  5. ARR

    The cupcakes in that picture look really fuckin delicious right now.

  6. ZvS  

    The weather blog is awesome:

    "Run for your lives! It'll bring EF8 tornadoes! Category 9 hurricanes! Disease! Pestilence! Famine! Locusts! Asteroids! The Earth will explode!"

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