• Wow  

      It seems like Ramadan comes earlier every year.

      (Get it? It's a lunar calendar joke.)

      • oriental  

        you and your fucking orientalist bullshit. by calling it a lunar calendar obviously youre making value judgements about our calendar because we just call it a calendar. you call it a lunar calendar because its different from your calendar. and different is worse right? fucking european colonialist pricks.
        (it was kinda funny though, awfully corny also)

  1. except...  

    Latino Heritage month has at least six events planned each week this month; there just isn't an online calendar advertising it.

  2. why can't  

    CQA just organize a "CUM GET YOUR COCK SUCKED?" hour? because honestly, that's all i give a shit about regarding homosexuality on this campus.

    • Anonymous

      wow. im normally not one to get up in arms about slurs, but what you wrote was really, really offensive.

      maybe you should come to some of the CQA events, hear some of the speakers, and meet the gay community on campus. if you have any decency, hopefully you'll start "giving a shit", or at least have some respect.

  3. wow...  


    'cept not really.

  4. lolgayz  


  5. wtf  

    we're aware of you.

  6. let's make  

    the new craigslist.


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