1. ryhgtkh  

    omg! good call bwog on the google-esque holiday logo to remember the dramatic events of october 4th, 2006, a day that will forever live on in my heart and memories.

  2. lust, caution  

    The picture here is so apropos!

  3. admirer  

    love the masthead (that's what you call the thing at the top of the page right?)

  4. Savonarola  

    Profoundly bad word choice from Ms. Peters:

    Jennifer Peters, BC ’08, recognizes the appeal of TAs’ academic expertise. “They’re in the position we want to be in eventually, and that’s attractive. You want to pump them for information. I think a lot of girls have a thing for authority figures.”


  5. Sounds

    I'm guessing the TA story is mostly fake. The Mystery story is rather passe in NYC, since the Village Voice yanked Neil whatever his name was' story

    Yawns all around

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