1. two words,

    shit sandwich.

  2. $20 mil  

    Lerner Hall II: The Revenge.

  3. duh  

    nexus >>>>>> lerner

  4. I think...

    Tetris Tower.


    C'mon! Doesn't it kinda look like shifting, falling blocks?

  5. hmm  

    Terminator IV, Rise of the Fembots

  6. Perhaps  

    Planned Parenthood

  7. or maybe...

    cunty towers?

  8. famous alumnnis?

    Memorial Martha Steward Cellblock?

  9. hmmmm

    Not as Stringent Admission Standards

  10. how about  

    Lerner Two: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in a building and know what floor you're on, but guess-what-you-can't-because-ramps-are-fucking-confusing

  11. ...

    i'd give them $20 not to build this thing.

  12. columbiatch  

    no one will ever be willing to pay 20 mil for a student center that will never be used b/c barnard students would rather cross the street to come to lerner so they can pretend they go to columbia.

    • well

      you're about one thing - you are a bitch.

      that being said, let's not fool ourselves. not even barnard students would stoop that low. They only go to the bookstore to get columbia sweatshirts, duh...

      I kid. Seriously though, who voluntarily goes to Lerner for anything once they're off meal points and can stop trying to convince themselves that Ferris Booth is "good food"?

  13. barnard girl  

    what is with all of the hating on barnard? grow up. honestly.

  14. Anyway  

    It's already been unofficially dubbed 'The Vag'... after its patron family.

    No, really.

  15. whoever  

    I still believe lerner should be called "The first level of Donkey Kong" ...I'm still looking for that hammer.

    This on the other hand, the first level of Atari's Noids. Woohoo for useless video game themed buildings.

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