1. brilliance  

    I love NYC council members.
    "“I was privileged to grow up in public housing, to have an affordable place to live, and I will fight for everyone to have that right,” said City Councilmember Rosie Mendez."
    Her privelege is now my right?

  2. i know

    that DPD was responsible for that Titanic pic and I LOVE IT

  3. Really?  

    Duncan Hunter is running for President? How's he doing?

    He's doing poorly? I never would have guessed, you know, from how desperately he's beating the bloody shirt.

  4. man  

    do you realize that this year's freshmen were only in 3rd grade when titanic came out? that's not even teenybopper terrain! leo dicaprio was the thief of my 12-year-old heart....

  5. So tired...

    of activisto-types trying to convince people that their political beliefs are still taboo on college campuses.

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