Duane Reade One-Ups MoWi

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Not to be outdone by Morton Williams’ preemptive homage to Halloween, local pharmacy Duane Reade is pioneering the Christmas bandwagon.

Morton Williams has the opportunity to counter-strike and capitalize on Reade’s Thanksgiving omission.

West Side Market, presumably, is too busy providing the community with fresh food at affordable prices to deign to participate.

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  1. CHRISTMAS????  

    But.... it....is.... OCTOBER.

  2. hahaha  

    West Side Market, presumably, is too busy providing the community with fresh food at affordable prices to deign to participate.

  3. The Dink  

    oh snap! West Side wins again!

  4. random  

    Morton is soooooo convenient though.

  5. Yay!

    We love you West Side Market! We're glad you're back! (Even if you no longer have endlessly confusing aisle-organization and what appeared to be sawdust on your floors!)

  6. you know  

    what's not convenient? mortons weak selection and bad prices.

  7. yes,  

    but why is duane reade's christmas tree decorated with cotton balls? isn't that the real story? Does Santa have some nail polish he needs to remove?

  8. Burn, MW,  

    burn. Nothing justifies that kind of cleanliness and service for those prices.

  9. Westside Market

    makes me wet

  10. Seriously

    Bwog (and other Columbia-related groups) should issue a call to boycott Morton Williams and D'Ag's. Let's get them closed by the end of the year; there are so many better things that could be going in those spaces!

    • brilliant  

      close the other markets...because that will provide westside with an incentive to not raise its prices and monopolize the neighborhood?
      not to mention, if i just want a gallon of milk at night, i dont walk to westside, i walk around the corner to morton. they do have their benefits

    • Alum  

      There was a call to boycott them 5 or 6 years ago when the new owner took over and got accused of all sorts of labor violations. They seem to have weathered that one alright...

  11. Excuse you?

    In response to the misogynistic jerk who just wrote that:

    I'm glad they reported on this. It was amusing and relevant in that stores are always pulling the holiday decorations crap on us months too early.

    The mark of a good writer is not always have something interesting to write about readily at hand, but instead taking the mundane and the seemingly-uninteresting and making it interesting.

    Good work Bwog.

  12. ugh

    I love West Side, but they've pulled a fast one. They sell Newman's Own sodas for 2.50. Morton charges less than 2 dollars. How could this happen?!?

  13. wow  

    talk about tacky! . . . its not even halloween yet.

  14. pricey  

    West Side has never been affordable. I swear the last time I was there a big box of Honey Nut Cheerios was over 7 dollars.

  15. WSM  

    West Side has affordable produce, for those of us that cook, it is heaven. All you lazy kids who don't want to walk down there, it's your loss.

    • well  

      I don't necessarily think it's more affordable produce. Pricing is in the air. The thing is, they have more of everything so you can actually pick out decent produce. Morton stocks like 20 bell peppers and they're all mushy, crushed, moldy, etc. WSM gives you a good bit more to choose from which lets you pick out the best produce. I haven't really noticed a decisive winner as far as prices go though. WSM does have cheaper milk I think and the prepared foods are pretty fairly priced and generally they are very good.

  16. sugar  

    80 degrees and christmas trees? it's california!

  17. Anonymous

    I gotta say, while I think Morton Williams sucks overall (high prices, shitty selection, etc.), I think that Westside and D'Ag's might be a close call. Westside has better selection and produce, yes, but Dags has a club card that consistently saves you money if you use it. Plus Dags has bacon-lover's turkey at their deli, something that Westside lacks.

    • fgjkhhl  

      the difference is, if a few people ask west side to carry a requested product, theres a good chance it'll happen. they'll at least give it real thought. d'ag will just charge you extra for having to listen to your request and then go about business as usual anyway

  18. MoWi  

    are you fucking kidding me? what the fuck is "MoWi"? oh oh, let me guess...

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