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Now that 2011 elections are over, the Columbia College political machine is gearing up for Homecoming, initiating new members and even passing resolutions.

cFirst and foremost: this week’s Class-sponsored free food opportunities.

Monday: At 1:00 PM on Low Steps, Seniors present Texas BBQ and Pie Your Favorite Senior (Spectator editor-in-chief John Davisson and Dems president Josh Lipsky will be in attendance, among others).

Tuesday: Juniors present Quaker Oats in honor of UPenn’s pacifist mascot while thumb-wrestling with ’09 football players.

Wednesday: Sophomores present more Texas BBQ, as well as Paint Yourself Blue, in which Columbia’s bluest student wins a free Jet Blue ticket anywhere in the world. We think it may have something to do with this product placement.

Thursday: The freshmen (who didn’t know what was going on and sat awkwardly at today’s meeting) present something involving popsicles and flag football on South Lawn.  Details to follow.

Friday: Homecoming Carnival with funnel cake and other assorted goodness.

In other news, the council confirmed three new members to the Committee on Manhattanville Expansion, which is set up to educate and reach out to students and create a website containing news and history about the controversy.

It was resolved that students want JJ’s open longer (really?) and because “WHEREAS, students of all years utilize Friday nights as a productive work night” and “WHEREAS, JJ’s Place offers a variety of culinary options, as well as serving as on-campus grocery store.”

It was also resolved that John Jay take out containers should be extended to weekends.

By the way, Lerner bathrooms are not going to be renovated after last year’s “Sexify Lerner” resolution (which requested better lighting in the lobby, computer lab improvements, faster elevators, opening up the Broadway room, and other amenities) was amended by the administration because of budget restrictions. Don’t worry though, the CCSC bulletin board is getting a glass case and there will be a large map of Lerner so that you can avoid the toxic toilets.


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  1. ...  

    this information could have been easily acquired by emailing the CCSC. Bwog: be less useless please.

  2. The Dink  

    Bwog, you're having a rough night. Know that I still love you.

  3. well...  

    ...at least you'll never be as useless as ccsc. although possibly just as self-important..

  4. for the record...  

    we're getting JJ's to be open on Friday nights, not get longer hours.

  5. Laughable  

    For the record, a council resolution won't change JJ's hours.

    Also, Lerner has some of the nicest bathrooms on campus. What ye smoking, Bwog?

  6. rgtkhj  

    i think we should clarify. the bathrooms in 212 are filthy, but the other mens bathrooms in lerner seem to be okay in my experience.

    • WHAT?

      Wow, really? I mean, the 212 bathrooms are beyond appalling, yeah, but they are open to anybody that wanders in from the street. Frankly, the other ones are also pretty awful. And sporadically locked on weekends.

  7. explain?  

    Can someone explain this Bwog joke on the events side panel?

    "Alexander Cockburn, whose name is not at all funny, talks with Eric B... Foner! Eric Foner."

  8. come now  

    Please don't make me explain that one. If you don't get it, I wouldn't want to sully your innocence.

  9. sweet  

    where is Tuesday's event taking place??

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