How the masses got locked out

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fsBwog was psyched to attend a verbal joust with Joe Stiglitz, his arch-nemesis William Easterly, and ethicist-in-chief Peter Singer on the question of foreign aid in 417 IAB this evening. When we arrived, the place was so packed that even a multinational corporation couldn’t have barged its way in. Those turned away flooded aimlessly into the night, a tide of human disappointment. 



  1. stopit  

    God DAMN I hope Columbia Football gets absolutely slaughtered by the Quakers. I am also a Columbia student. I feel that many of my peers share my sentiment. CU football sucks.

  2. damn  

    i wish i had gone to see that. also, fuck you stopit.

  3. gay  

    fat white guys getting their own line in john jay? who the fuck does columbia football think they are?

  4. question  

    wait why are you guys talking about football? did i miss something because the post doesnt mention football at all

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