Ideological Smackdown: Free Food Edition!

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kj“Columbus was a criminal,” bellowed Hakim from the Low Steps mere moments ago. Disagree!, reply the College Republicans, who are grilling burgers and hot dogs for their fellow Columbus Day celebrants. Yet CUGOP president Chris Kulawik, C ’08 emphasized that they are not “celebrating” Columbus per se: “we’re just recognizing it’s a national holiday” he said, adding that the cookout is a long-standing CUGOP custom. He then went into an etymological explication of the day’s significance: “Christopher Columbus. Columbia.”

Of course, Kulawik doesn’t seem to mind pissing people off–he’s the one behind Fox flamethrower Sean Hannity’s visit in a couple weeks. Maybe it was a trade for the number of times Kulawik has been a guest on their turf?

Later, a GOPer was overheard sending one of her ideological kinsmen to fetch veggie burgers at Morton Williams. When asked if vegetarianism conflicts with the GOPs presumed goal of laying the environment to waste, a first-year jokingly assured Bwog that the two are not irreconcilable.


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  1. the only reason

    hannity will piss people off is because the majority of this campus is liberal.

    its sad if they get their panties in a bunch when they have to listen to a prominent conservative. imagine if the conservatives on campus claimed they were being offended everytime a hard core liberal was invited to speak

    and if Columbus was a criminal, well then so were 95% of all explorers and religious prophets (regardless of and throughout many ethnicity/nationalities etc)--and in that sense no person/ethnicity/nationality is guilt free

    • Rebutricator  

      I think you do a grave disservice to conservatism if you place its fate in the hands of Sean Hannity and his ilk. Politics has precious little to do with the fact that Hannity is an idiot and perhaps more importantly, not relevant. I don't like Sean Hannity, but I won't be outside of Lerner holding up a sign, because (and I know this hurts for him) he doesn't begin to approach the level of relevance of Ahmedinejad or even Gilchrist in October of 06 (when immigration was supposed to help the Republicans hold seats in congress).

      If I were a College Republican, I'd have some serious misgivings about what the man said about the MSA. But that's their problem, not mine. I hope CUCR's event goes on without a hitch, and that CK can parlay it into a permanent talking head gig.

      As for paragraph 3, I'll agree wholeheartedly and suggest that we approach all such national/religious heroes with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    • actually  

      the Chinese found the Americas first...

      and didn't bother enslaving the natives. So thanks for trying.

      • That is based on  

        highly susceptible evidence. Gavin Menzies, who wrote the book 1421, later admitted that certain parts of it, including his claim that China made it to the Americas, were either exaggerated or fabricated in order to sell books.

        Also, I don't think Columbus colonized anything at all, did he? He named some shit, but he was not responsible for any settlements. Or i could be full of shit.

      • seriously

        are you going to try to pass this bs off as truth. Menzies lays out a hypothesis in his book and kind of answers it with no substantive evidence and with specious reasoning and you use it as a claim of what? chinese moral cleanliness?

        Forget the fact that no historian has supported Menzies--but if you want me to document to you the atrocities 'heroic' Chinese conquerors or prophets or philosophers have committed against their own people and others in the past, i could write a couple books. Don't take it personally though--my point is that every ethnicity/nationality is guilty of such actions. If you want to scream oppression, then if we're not taking a statute of limitations those protestors and everybody should and would be shouting at themselves.

        oh yeah. wiki is your friend poster #8 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1421_hypothesis

        try harder noob

  2. also that

    hannity is being brought as part of islamofacist awareness week in an attempt to piss people off.

  3. hey Armin  

    "he's the one behind Fox flamethrower Sean Hannity's visit in a couple weeks."

    Did you actually get Kulawik to say that?

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