Profs Say: Ridiculous Moments in Lit Theory Edition (I)

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This guy was really overdue for his own edition of Profs Say, seeing that Bruce Robbins loves offsetting his typically grave delivery with the occasional zinger–some of them completely over the heads of their intended recipients. This is by turns uncomfortable and hilarious to watch, espcially when said zingers crop up in bizarrely theoretical places. From today’s lecture:

“(Psychoanalyst) Jacques Lacan didn’t have much time for therapy. That’s actually quite funny, but you wouldn’t know why.”

Ouch. But on second thought, ha! Good one, Bruce!

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  1. Dear lord

    Did you guys post this STRAIGHT FROM LECTURE??

    I just got out of this class what, like ten minutes ago??!

  2. or even  

    during lecture. but this is a perfect encapsulation of what makes me want to have this man's bald babies and then choke the life out of him.

  3. Come on  

    It's really disgusting that BWOG exploits teachers for entertainment like this. I've watched some of these posts being written in class on the laptops of students who make equally as obnoxious if not more pretentious comments than even your most arrogant Columbia professor. It's a cowardly thing to do, and I believe the writer of this post knows it, judging by the fact that he/she doesn't have the testicular fortitude/vaginal depth to leave his/hers initials.

  4. You know  

    what's not cowardly is trashing Bwog on Bwog and posting anonymously. Now that's testicular depth.

  5. And by the way

    Two other lines of Bruce Robbins awesomeness from the first lecture of the semester:

    “...and there’s no midterm exam to keep you honest...this is REALLY a bad idea. I suppose I could threaten you with quizzes...
    I’ll just let that hang in the air.”

    “I will try to spoil whatever book on this list is your favorite, generally giving you a perverse and disgusting view of it...I get paid for this.”

  6. Don't get it  

    Still don't see why it's funny.

    • Probable explanation

      The point is not that there's something funny about it (although there undoubtedly is), but that Bruce Robbins is the kind of guy who will point out to you the following:

      a) That something he's saying would be terribly funny/clever/witty to you if you were well-informed/well-read enough to know what he was talking about.

      b) That you're not so it isn't.

      c) That he isn't going to waste his lecture time explaining to you why it's funny if you don't know already, so just deal.

  7. 20th century  

    Another quote from today's lecture (one that would definitely catch you off-guard if you happened to have zoned out for a couple): "You see, Duras' theory of the self is very omelet-like."

  8. I don't think  

    this counts as 'trashing professors.' Bwog is just repeating the professor's own words, after all...he said it first.

  9. hehe

    I took his class a couple years ago. He was great.

  10. right.  

    are the people posting his "funny" quotes freshmen? honestly, you think this man is funny? to top it off, he's a horrible lecturer.

  11. fdjgkh  

    can some explain the actual joke, not the humor from how he delivered the joke belittling my intelligence, but the actual joke

  12. Lacan  

    wouldn't schedule regular appointments, because he didn't want to be cut off if something important would happen. Rather, he would work with the "rhythm" of the session, so you might end up there for five minutes or for a few hours. He completely disregarded time. Get it? Get it?

    (That's so unfunny I almost hope it isn't the answer. But I think it is.)

  13. Wowzas  

    Do you cater to people who need it explained that Lacan was a psychoanalyst? Or is that a meta-joke?

  14. when I

    took the class like 3 years ago, brucey specifically played up the omlette/homme-lette pun. he needs new material, but i'd still have his babies

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