McCain Blogette, or Forming Thoughts is Not A Prerequisite for Blogging

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Columbia grad (’07) and Hilary Duff look-a-like Meghan McCain has launched a blog chronicling her dad’s (Arizona Sen. John McCain) presidential campaign. Meghan, along with someone named La-Toria Haven whom Meghan calls a “political fashionista”, and Mary Anne Huntsman (Utah Gov. John Huntsman’s daughter), are “traveling on the road with Senator McCain’s campaign and [blogging] about our experiences along the way.”

Meghan’s blog certainly stands out from run-of-the-mill campaign coverage. For instance, in the graphics! Like the sassy, high-heeled silhouette clutching a lap top a la Carrie Bradshaw. Nothing says “Washington insider” like a red stiletto! And her ability to use art theory to draw insights about trends within the GOP:

“Both events were devoid of the usual mahogany associated with a political soiree. Sleek, clean lines featuring bold colors – retro-orange w/chrome furniture…As our (event) interiors evolve, so do our perspectives.”

But Meghan inarguably has unparalleled proximity to Senator McCain—insider information like “My dad has a gold razr phone” and “My Dad’s speech was peppered with an abundance of standup comedy. He was having way too much fun cracking jokes at my expense, showing off his ‘$150,000 screensaver’ on his cellphone which has a picture of us at my Columbia graduation on it!”

Oh Meghan stop, you’re making us blush. 

Bet Barack Obama’s thanking his lucky stars that his kids, unlike Caroline, are still too young to embarrass him!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Anyone know what this girl majored in? Please don't say political science.

  2. anyone

    ever see this girl on campus?

  3. Sprinkles

    Republicans, LOL!

  4. balla  

    I mean there's really only one question worth asking in a situation like this.
    The answer is yes, I would do her. Possibly twice if it goes well the first time around.

  5. whoa  

    who's wearing more makeup in that picture, John McCain or his daughter?

  6. wow  

    talk about Barely Legally Blonde.

  7. You know,  

    Meghan didn't write the interiors thing. That gem comes from Ms. Haven.

  8. as much as  

    mccain scares me... $150,000 screensaver is actually pretty funny...

  9. gross  

    She does not look like Hillary Duff (at all!).

  10. hmm  

    umm, how did she get the discount? more like $200,000 screensaver.

  11. Hmmmm

    I read the blog, I think she's got real talent. And who wouldn't want to read about what goes on behind the curtains at on Presidential Campaign?

    I hope she lands a book deal out of this, she deserves to.

  12. ohmy  

    this girl was in historiography class and by the time her final presentation came around she still had not understood that there is a difference between history and historiography.

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