Pinkberry Wants YOU

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Friends of Bwog wandered into the soon-to-be-open Pinkberry a few days ago. They inquired about jobs and were hired on the spot. They were told they needed to go to Chinatown to be “trained”. Apparently, Pinkberry is very much hiring.

In summation:

If you need a job, and love whatever type of food Pinkberry claims to be… well, looks like this just might be your lucky day. 



  1. Finally!  

    this place will put all the ice-cream stores near columbia out of business

  2. yooo  

    i dont understand why people dont go to haagan daz (or however you spell it). it's right across the street, and that shit is some of the best ice cream on earth, and instead people are goin to tastid and pinkberry, which are honestly not even ice cream. they are frozen, corn syrupped elephant splooge. peeps gotta be goin to haagan daz!!

  3. too small  

    and always full of overweight moms taking their seven ghetto children for ice cream

  4. I git a job

    Now ah can spit in yo din-dins

  5. Anonymous  

    Any word on when, specifically, it's opening?

    Don't drink the haterade. Pinkberry is the real deal.

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