QuickSpec: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Edition

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  1. grumpy

    it annoys me so much every time that the bwog links open in the same window rather than in a new window. keep people on your site! why do you force me to press back to read more?

  2. Andrew Martin  

    In regard to the mean-spirited sentence dissection in the Ballet NY note: The words are not unrelated. If you had used the entire quotation, this would be have been clear. The person being quoted says that she does her work so that others can have the opportunity to express their creativity to their fullest potential. One might ask why Bwog insists on combining baldly petty criticism with irrelevant quotations from famous 20th century novels. I personally wonder what satisfaction the anonymous posters on Bwog (a significant, undisclosed number of whom work for The Spectator) get from attacking the writing and editing of their peers.
    Not that we don't appreciate the attention, as it consistently makes our work look significantly better in comparison.

    • Anonymous  

      Boo hoo. So much complaining about anonymous on the Bwog lately. If you can't handle anonymous criticism, what makes you think you can handle criticism from a reputable source?

      I'm going to pretend your last sentence isn't there, because it's obvious that the blatant trolling of an increasingly crappy blog can rile your feathers in a meaningful way. Meaningful enough to get you to answer in public, that is. You must remember, my dear Drew (can I call you Drew?), just because something is published online doesn't mean you have to pay attention to it.

    • Anonymous  

      The writers are not all that anonymous anyway. If a post is unsigned, it's usually something short, and is more often than not the editor for that day.

  3. in that first one  

    integral of x cos(x) dx is not 2, it's cos x + x sin x + C.

    Maybe spec needs some SEAS kid to proofread and correct all these unbounded integrals. I don't know where the hell out of her ass she pulled that two from.

  4. Sprinkles

    I love how the cool thing among pro-lifers is to say their viewpoints are feminist. Don't piss up my leg and tell me it's raining. If you're a woman and you don't like abortions, DON'T HAVE ONE. At least leave the option open for other women to choose whether to share your opinion or not.

  5. So...

    So let mme get this straight-a woman isn't allowed to think that murdering babies is unethical?

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