Hungry hungry freshmen

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dsfFrom 1 to 3 pm today, there will be free food and drinks for the freshmen class in front of Hartley-Wallach (or John Jay lounge in case of rain). Wings, chips, soda, candy, and maybe even hot chocolate! Bwog doesn’t see why stealthy upperclassmen won’t be able to crash. Good eating!

In other, competely unrelated news, the Dems and the Republicans held a debate last night on immigration. The Dems have posted a liveblog, full of partisan boosterism and snide swipes at their opponents. Fun! 



  1. Tipster  

    Free homemade cupcakes at the Sundial from 12-3 today! Whhheeeeeeeee!

  2. EAL  

    1:45 and they're all out.

  3. person who cares  

    The debate was really great last night. Bwog should have covered it.

  4. debater  

    The craziest moment was when the GOP said 'If people just stopped crossing the border, they wouldn't be dying.' Sounds like real expert analysis to me.

  5. talk  

    about posting without context.

    How would you stop the deaths at the border?

    Don't cross it illegally. The GOP debaters called for a guest worker program and a path to legalization; they want immigrants to come, just not illegally. If they want to cross the border, drive, fly, whatever - just don't cross through a porous border and enter this country illegally and undocumented.

    • yale  

      as far as context: the way to prevent illegal immigration is not by making more attempted crossings result in deaths (which is what a wall and other boarder security would cause). The CR's are basically washing their hands clean of the human rights issue by claiming that the immigrants deserve death for trying to cross - nice.

      I think the craziest moment of the debate was when the CR's both said that the way to pay for border security was TAXES! This, and proposing the guest worker program which was just denounced by their own party shows you how far the GOP at Columbia is from the GOP nationally.

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