1. website  

    okay, has the eye website been all fucked up for anyone else? for at least three weeks, it's been unreadable for me, all the content is showing up squished into the right sidebar. i've tried it in explorer, safari, firefox, even netscape, and it's looked screwed up in each. and half the time the front page shows a broken image. i do not understand the justification for moving away from college publisher when the self-conjured website is completely unuseable.

    • erm  

      The eye site came before the college publisher move, but yeah, I've noticed that effect on Safari (not on other browsers, though).

      • one again  

        "The eye site came before the college publisher move"

        the eye site launched while the daily was still with college publisher - hence it moved away from college publisher. the daily eventually followed.

        but anyways, yeah, i'm glad i;m not the only one having trouble with it.

  2. Why  

    Why--and I'm not complaining--is Bwog updating Quick Eye at 3 a.m.?


  3. Hehe  

    "Things are going great. Just yesterday I won a sweepstakes. Free stamps for life, they told me. Looks like I’m halfway to that dream of getting a letter in the New York Post."

  4. hmmm  

    Sure they missed the TC incident but that Eye piece was still very good.

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