1. does this mean  

    it's now the Great Racism/Library Roof Collapse Rash?

  2. are you  

    fucking kidding?

  3. good thing

    nobody was hurt. still, this proves bollinger's all talk and no action when it comes to reading the headlines, traveling one week into the past, and narrowly averting disaster.

    ...or is he?

  4. huh

    there's a psychology library? four years and I never knew that.

  5. Alum

    Even when I was an undergrad in the '80s, and Columbia was getting caught up on years of deferred maintenance, -- things like this didn't happen.

    As I said in another thread, her come the jokes about CU being psychologically unstable....

  6. fghj  

    haha i always knew we were psychologically unstable!
    besides this is great fodder for the m-ville expansion. see the state of this campus? this is from overuse, we need to expand!

  7. meee  

    this proves columbia is racist

  8. unrelated

    it looks like they've put a brand new wallach gallery banner outside Schermerhorn.

    but the damned thing never stays up. in 4 years they haven't figured out a way to keep one damned banner up?

  9. also unrelated  

    Doesn't the inside of Fayerweather look like there's a giant fungal infection growing everywhere?

  10. BLIGHTED!  

    Columbia is blighted! Everyone from midtown has the right to kick us out and give us minimum wage jobs!

    • fghk  

      you're mistaken. what they do have the right to do is buy all the buildings and land from the university if the university is willing to sell it. at that point, if they should choose, the new owners could either continue to lease the buildings to the school or tell the school that it can no longer occupy the campus. the new owners have no responsibility to make sure that we find an equally suitable campus anywhere else, that we find employment, that we get an education, etc etc etc.
      Thanks for bringing up a great scenario that shows precisely why we're not doing anything wrong at all by expanding into manhattanville

  11. hey

    We wish we were Columbia University students

    at least this is a bit of a pickup. somebody wants to be us!

  12. michael  

    maybe there's an animal we can make a sacrifice to... like one with the head of a monkey and the antlers of a reindeer... and the body of a porcupine.

  13. not sure  

    if gateway pundit is really a legit source. not saying the protests didn't happen, but i really wouldn't trust their translation of arabic. they seem a bit too much like that guy who spoke before gilchrist and also did some poor arabic translations.

  14. Weatherman  

    The sun is not actually going to come out tomorrow.

  15. nice work  

    good job getting the pic up, bwog.

  16. If a

    psychology library falls and no one is around to know it exists...did it really fall?

  17. ZvS

    I was in that library yesterday. It looked like the sort of place where a ceiling would collapse, but maybe that's the shoddy Saran wrap over all the shelves.

  18. quiqui

    My bathroom ceiling fell in last year.

  19. ARR

    When all that weird shit was happening last year (i.e. Minuteman) Columbia quietly picked up 2 Nobel Prizes. After Ahmadinejad, bias incidents, roof collapses and the like, we should sweep those motherfuckers.

    • well

      ex-visiting j-school professor al gore just won...does that count?

      • ARR

        If it did, PrezBo would have emailed us already (well, maybe he will...it seems like Gore is at least as connected to this school as Orhan Pamuk)

        Speaking of which, does somebody want to justify giving the prize to Gore instead of the Burmese Buddhist monks? Like seriously...this has to be one of the worst decisions made by anybody. Ever.

        • Maybe

          because the Burmese monk thing just happened in the past few weeks.

        • Also  

          I'm all for Burmese monks, but not only were they too late for this year's prize, they already got a Nobel Peace Prize when Aung San Suu Kyi won it. It would be a bit odd if they collectively won another.

          Plus, Pamuk has been working regularly with Huyssen and others for years; he's actually teaching here right now....

          And the Gore win was predictable for most of the past year. The only question is whether he announces his definitive intentions to run or to not run before or after his speech at the Nobel ceremony.

    • Three!

      Damn, #28 beat me to it

  20. Unrelated  

    What is going on with Nachos? There are black boards with... poetry? nailed to the box surrounding the restaurant. Is this all for the cashmere mafia filming??

  21. where is  

    the geometer? wouldn't he be pleased about how holes are in a shape?

  22. Kara Walker

    Did anyone read her review in the NY Times? You have to love how they start it off talking about Teachers College as an example of race being a major issue in America but somehow manage to leave out the fact that Kara Walker is a g_ddamned Columbia School of Art professor.

  23. yup

    pamuk is in for the long haul now; he's co-teaching with huyssen and damrosch and has an office in schermerhorn (idea: bwogger stalker?) it also helped that he just happened to be on campus last year when he won.

    columbia has claimed even less affiliated people on its nobel list. just hop over to this wiki page and count the number of yearlong postdocs it includes:


    • Alum

      A few thoughts, in no particular order:

      1. The Nobel list on Wikipedia isn't official, so it's not fair to blame Columbia for some of the weaker claims it contains. Anyone can modify it.

      2. A yearlong postdoc appointment (most are longer than a year) seems like a strong enough connection to support a legitimate claim. The person was part of the academic community full-time; so what if he or she didn't stay long? The list includes people who inly earned M.A. degrees, and that also usually takes only a year.

      3. Gore taught at the J-School for one semester. Even then, he showed up only for a few hours per week to co-teach a non-credit course. He also had a role in a program at the School of Social Work, but it probably took up less of his time than his journalism gig. He showed up before class and left after; he probably didn't have an office. He was living in Tennessee at the time and stayed with his daughter in NYC one night per week after teaching his class.

      4. Pamuk is in his third consecutive semester at CU and is presently co-teaching two (for-credit) seminars. He spent three years here full-time in the 1980's as a visiting scholar. He has an office on campus, and he actually uses it. He also just bought a place in the neighborhood (he had been living in a university apartment) and thus seems likely to continue teaching here.

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