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If you somehow missed the spectacle of giant inflatables and mobs of people waiting for free food on Low Plaza this afternoon, CCSC Columbia student councils and organizations (edited) celebrated the day prior to homecoming with a carnival that made one a little nostalgic with memories of elementary school PTA festivities — minus, perhaps, children crying from being kicked in a game of tug-of-war, and with the addition of phallic ring toss (courtesy of none other than CUMB, of course). Sadly, Bwog was in class for most of the time, and was a little disappointed to miss out on the raffle drawings and so-called “beverage pong.” Anyway, here’s what we got a glimpse of, after the jump.


(Somewhere out there, there has got to be a good caption for this photograph.)


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  1. alumn  

    attention columbia students. there's a city outside of those campus gates. it's called new york. check it out!

  2. Dylan

    Come all without. Come all within.

  3. wow  

    I just reread my post and realized that I am an old, whiny man. At 21. Apologies, guys, and enjoy the weather today!

  4. Frustrated  

    Get your facts right, Bwog. This event was put on by Engineering Student Council, General Studies Student Council, Student Government Association, Student Development and Activities, Bacchanal Events, Residential Programs, and (last but not least) Columbia College Student Council. This is yet another example of how campus media outlets credit CCSC for all of the campus events that *other* organizations put together. The Columbia campus is lucky that everyone else doesn't get pissed off and stop working on anything, because the CCSC certainly can't do much on their own.

    It's bad enough that Michelle Diamond took credit for the advising changes that have been implemented over the summer (changes that have been *years* in the making), citing it as one of the three major promises she made when running [Bwog...did you ever point out that those three major promises are issues that the administration was working on *during* Diamond's campaigning?]. Bwog...why can't you do some fact checking?

    • Don't worry  

      I think that campus is realized that Michelle is just the face of CCSC; what Bush is to Cheney. She is an oaf of a president, but she has a shiny smile.

    • BW staff  

      Apologies, I personally had the CCSC emails in mind when hurrying to put up the post and didn't mean to obliterate everyone else. The post has been revised.

      - MIP

    • haha  

      yea, Dan Okin is definitely still reading the bwog OR has passed his poison onto the rest of ESC. Stop hating on CCSC because it cares about its students. Stop hating on Diamond because she's hot and has a killer smile. (It needed to be said...again. Not that we need reminding of our pres's hotness, but it's fun to talk about...Neda's hot too.)

    • ha ha  

      You guys criticize Diamond so much. To say that CCSC cant do much on their own is valid, but please remember that the same thing is true for each and every other group that you named. Successful events are only successful when they entire student body workd to pull it off. So go ahead, get frustrated, but dont for a minute, direct it at CCSC, because they are, after all, not to blame, they put in just as much work as the others. They are just sexier!

  5. wow...

    I posted number 10 without even reading number 7... And number 7 is definitly from Dan Okin or one of his heir minions. It sounds just like the stuff he was spouting last year during Diamond's campaign... seriously, some people need to move on...

    P.S. If you want more attention for the work you do, maybe you should have a freaking election! Then that way, when you reach out to students you can tell them about the projects that you have worked on... Or wait, if you do that you will have to reach out to students... we can't have that happen now can we?

  6. sokrate  

    g(tb)^2 indeed, g(tb)^2

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