Too far, Zuckerberg, too far

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kkFacebook has long deleted facebook personalities that probably actually don’t exist. It started with Alexander Hamilton, and moved on to Barack Obama (although he has his own legit profile now anyway). But now, they’ve killed someone much closer to home: the lovely and charming BandW Bwog, who had the pleasure of becoming friends with many of you in its two-week existence. A quick search reveals that Inside New York and even the well-connected CU Arts have also been disappeared. 

It’s a dangerous world out there for web-based beings. They can’t change who they are! 

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  1. and yet

    friedrich nietzsche lives on. exception for übermenschen?

  2. wow

    Uncool, Facebook, way way uncool.

  3. Uh...  

    Can we talk about the fact that I'm making the third comment to this post, it's 2:34 on a Saturday night, and the post has been up for 12 minutes?

    The first step is admitting that you have a problem

  4. yo.  

    i think i lost a friend tonight...
    Zuckerberg, expect some coal in your stocking this year you monster

  5. slow...  

    i guess it's uh, a slow news morning...

    last time i logged into surely shit outta luck, it had a tab to put in your phone number so columbia can send you information by text message... what is this?

    and how do i know they're not going to wake me up at 6am with text messages about lunch specials...

    they don't say much on the page where they ask for your number...

  6. they  

    probably want it so that they can tell you when some angry young man is coming to kill you.
    So: if you're the kind of person who will tolerate daily alerts ("this is Coach Jones!") in order to make yourself feel safer - granted, of course, that far more people die of suicide on college campuses than homicide - then sign your dumb ass up. And know that it's people like you who have ruined this country.

    • sweet!  

      i don't really care about angry young men wanting to kill me... but if it means that i get elevated to the status of "nationstate annihilator", i'm signin up right now!

      eight weeks at columbia and already having a global impact! mom will be proud!

  7. Concerned Student  

    will the Columbia pigeon be eradicated too? And what of the Columbia Squirrel?

  8. mee

    uhhhh I used to check my # of friends... and wonder if someone unfriended me if it went down... but I kind of got over doing that... actually I just forgot...

  9. eww  

    and facebook took down the "im being investigated by mark modesitt" group for no good reason. this kind of censorship is enough to make me quit.

  10. wtf, mate?  

    Really bwog...there are tents, rumors of Julie Andrews, and velvet ropes directly outside my window, and no loyal news service investigating to tell me what the hell is going on. Do i have to do everything myself?

  11. tip  

    bwog, a tip: those tents outside butler are for an event that target (the company) is sponsoring. it's about children's literature and stuff.

  12. question  

    is there free food?

  13. seriously  

    what is going on on south lawn, bwog?!

  14. also  

    virginia woolf.

    ps, I looked at the list of people who are reading at this target-sponsored reading event and among them are cheech marin and julie andrews edwards. those are just the ones i noticed, but there may be more people who would be entertaining to hear read.

  15. i heard  

    simon from american idol was coming.

  16. also  

    mariska hargitay from law and order svu was just reading

  17. uhhhh  

    STEVE FROM BLUE'S CLUES AT 2:45. clearly i am moving my reading from the dorm to the quad.

  18. wait

    how do people know the schedule of speakers?

  19. Can bwog  

    PLEASE let us know wtf is going on out there? What's all this about blue's clues and julie andrews? they might be giants? When did Columbia become a giant Target ad?
    HELp BwOg!

  20. Inside New York  

    Inside New York is still up!

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