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Proof from Hamilton 3 that flyering is a legitimate art form:

In completely unrelated news, Bwog saw this rather militant-looking vehicle parked outside its window this morning. Though momentarily worried that our nation had suffered an overnight descent into Soviet-style martial law, Bwog’s fears were assuaged when it saw that it carried a banner reading “Elite Shooters.com.” We’re glad that somebody’s finally cashing in on the long-dormant urban sportshooting market, although it looks like a few Morningsiders are in for a hell of an office party. Maybe the Saltzman Institute is going for a mid-semester jaunt?


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  1. What does it say?

    im in ur campus, stampin out ________?

  2. Anonymous  

    Another one in Hamilton read, "I'm on ur campus, hatin on ur muslimz"

  3. dizzent  

    stampin out dizzent

  4. patrick swayze  


  5. sweet raptor jesus  


  6. military vehicle

    i guess the MAFIAA is on to my torrent proxies. oh well, it\'s been fun.

  7. bleh  

    Have y'all never seen military vehicles? Aren't there relatively large national guard bases near here.

  8. grammer  

    "Though momentarily worried that our nation had suffered an overnight descent into Soviet-style martial law, Bwog's fears were assuaged when it saw that it carried a banner reading "Elite Shooters.com.""

    Damn, people are always using the wrong thing with the damn whatever clause with the possessives and shit. Them fears ain't worried not even momentarily-like.

  9. another says  

    "i'm on ur campus, silenzin ur feminitz"...or something like that.

  10. rjt  

    Dear stupid catchphrase comedy from the dregs of the internet,

    I spend too much of my time with you already when you are where you are supposed to be, in the dregs of the internet. Please stop making intrusions into my real life as well.


  11. ugh bwog  

    You are slow on this story. I started seeing the LolHorowitz flyers one week ago today.

  12. tsar nikolas

    the "salzman institute of war and peace studies" must read a lot of tolstoy.

  13. Casey

    The girl on that banner is a SEAS '07 alum. She's part of a business that hauls Manhattanites out to NJ and CT to go shooting. I went on it last year with a professor of mine. It was awesome.

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