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Everyone’s favorite Morningside newspaper is taking a midterms hiatus, so no QuickSpec today. There will, however, be Ask Bwog. Bwog will be taking on questions about anything—Columbia-related or not. For instance, “Why does Lerner 4 smell like vomit?” or, “Why does the M104 smell like vomit?” both make excellent queries. Send questions to [email protected] and they’ll be posted and answered the following Tuesday. Today’s question comes from Paul Barndt, a senior and Blue and White editor who wants to know:

How can I become a celebrity personal assistant?

The obvious starting point would seem to be doing a stint as a non-celebrity personal assistant. As lame as that may sound, it’s probably correct. A friend of Bwog recently made an off-hand comment in one of Bwog’s seminars that he was looking for a job. The professor happened to be looking for an assistant and— voila!— a personal assistant was born.

When celebrities are in need of assistants, chances are they’re not going to advertise on Craigslist. What’s more likely is that they will advertise via word of mouth. The most likely scenario is that there will be a lengthy interview process in which the applicant will be screened by several managers, lawyers and agents before actually being interview by the celebrity in question.

To ace these interviews, an applicant must have a squeaky-clean background and probably must have some experience as an assistant, nanny or babysitter. The applicant should be extremely organized and at least have a semblance of competence. Finally, if all goes well, the prospective assistant will have a casual meet and greet with the celebrity. If sparks fly, chances are that the celebrity is looking to hire someone as quickly as possible.


If you are (un)lucky enough to be hired, be warned that the hours of a celebrity personal assistant are all day, everyday. Assistants are expected to do everything from menial tasks like dropping off laundry and picking up Starbucks to helping the celebrity fix appliances in the middle of the night.

There are obvious perks, besides the proximity to a theoretically extremely attractive/talented superstar. You’ll probably follow the celebrity as they go on vacations or fly to various exotic locales for shoots. And don’t be surprised if the celebrity passes along swag from award shows and promotions.


The thing about celebrity assistants is that most of the time, attention is paid to the “celebrity” part and no so much the “assistant” aspect of the logistics the gig. Glamour be damned, this is an assistant position. So, my star-struck hopeful, be careful what you wish for.

Ask Bwog thanks theprincetonreview.com, fabjob.com, gawker.com, and jobseekersadvice.com.

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  1. DPD  

    That movie ["The Devil Wears Prada"] was horrendous. I'm still shocked Meryl Streep was nominated for an Oscar for that mess.

    • Anonymous  

      apparently, we delete wall posts now, but here's one that was left June 30, 2006, the day "Prada" was released:

      "[raZpberry], have you seen "the devil wears prada"? drop all your plans and get to the movie theater - you won't be disappointed.

      and i don't even really LIKE anne hathaway."

  2. For Serious

    Never ever, ever be a personal assistant. It is a truly awful job. Worse than food service and usually lower paid. Leave it for NYU grads, you deserve better

  3. strange

    People have midterms this week? That's strange. My midterms are all next week.

  4. midterms?  

    I have no midterms... well, one take-home paper... hm... i love the college

  5. someone bwog-esque

    please investigate the silly gawker claims that a columbia 07 alum is working for sjp for 200k.

  6. december

    To be a celeb PA what kind of resume looks good? would a background in marketing be a good look?

  7. Linda Fulcher

    To whom it may concern, I am looking for a personal Assistant job. I have had experience in this field. Please contact me on this. Thank You

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