Photo(shop) Contest!

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mmBwog ventured into photo contests last year, held a Lolcompetition last month, and has since learned that some of you have quite a remarkable facility with Photoshop.

Now, time to show off your skills: our first Photoshop competition. This time, pick your favorite professor (or your least favorite) and give him or her a makeover, like the badass individual at right. Meanness is to be discouraged, anonymity granted upon request.

Entries are due THIS THURSDAY at MIDNIGHT. E-mail them to bwog@columbia.edu.

Happy doctoring!



  1. well

    That's no photoshop! Eric Foner IS a pimp!

  2. so,  

    is that thursday at 12:01am or thursday at 11:59pm?

  3. wait  

    who won the lolcompetition? those links aren't working.

  4. what happend  

    to the accutane article?

  5. wow  

    is that lou bega from mumbo number five?

  6. noobs  

    patrick x gallagher requires no photoshop, his kicks are legendary

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