A Krafty Strategy?

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Robert Kraft’s recent donation to Columbia got the Lions some sort-of-big-time sports coverage. Gregg Easterbrook, who writes the 6,000- word Tuesday Morning Quarterback column for ESPN’s Page 2, wrote a paragraph on Columbia’s fundraising  program

Easterbrook writes that Columbia may be trying to move into the upper tiers of Ivy athletics by, like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, schools he says are offering de facto athletic scholarships even though Ivy rules forbid them.

Kraft’s New England Patriots have also been accused of bending (or breaking) the rules, but are 6-0, while Columbia sits at 1-4.


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  1. Alum

    What nonsense. Easterbrook says that when a Princeton grad donated $10M to the football prgram "Princeton all but announced some of the money would be used for football scholarships." His "evidence" is a link to an article that says the same also donated $500K to endow two need-based scholarships. http://www.princeton.edu/pr/pwb/06/1204/2a.shtml

    And he offers no evidence at all to back up his claim that "amazingly, [Ivy athletes] always qualify for financial aid!"

    Easterbrook is a smart man. He knows better than to leap to conclusions like that.

  2. uhh  

    i was pleasantly doing my reading this evening in my room in east campus... but now some turd is giving a speech, from what sounds like low steps... please go do some investigative reporting so i can find out who this turd is... and please tell the turd to shut up.

    fucking hell, i hate mother-fuckers who won't keep quiet. why do fuckers like him assume everyone wants to hear him?

  3. also

    everyone knows that historically (i mean last twenty years historically) yale and princeton have not been the top of ivy football, and that position has generally been held by harvard and penn.

    there might be a scholarship conspiracy, but if it is going on at princeton, it is money very poorly spent.

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