Go ‘Fore It’s Gone! (Thursday Edition)

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Sick of playing beer pong in McBain every night of the weekend? Lucky for you, Bwog’s got some off-campus alternatives.

Control at Film Forum

Sam Riley resurrects a young Ian Curtis, former frontman of influential post-punk band Joy Division, in Anton Corbijn’s biopic, Control. Curtis, who hanged himself a month short of his twenty-fourth birthday, went on to become a posterchild for disaffected suburban goths everywhere. Control‘s run at Film Forum ends Tuesday.

Film Forum,  209 W Houston St., (212) 727-8110, $10.50. Check Film Forum for showtimes.

Williem de Kooning: “The Last Beginning”

Take the rare opportunity to see Willem de Kooning‘s Abstract Expressionism in full force (in someplace other than the MoMA) at the Gagosian Gallery. “The Last Beginning” is on display until next week.

Gagosian Gallery, 522 W. 21st St., (212) 741-1717, Tue-Sat, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Islands + The Octopus Project + Enon + And You Will Know…

Islands, famously known for being the Ex-Unicorns (though they’ve already outlasted the one album wonders), returns to the city with a whole catalog of new tunes. Though the Montreal-based mini-orchestra is headlining, Trail of Dead and Enon ensure a little something for everyone.

Highline Ballroom, 341 W. 16th St., (212) 414-5994. 8 p.m. $20.

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  1. not a hipster  

    these are all too hip for me. I think I'll just drink beer instead.

  2. Please Bwog

    Post a better picture of him, like this one:


    If anything it'll make the girls want to go.

  3. nooo  

    you need a .gif image of him dancing!!!

  4. control  

    was awesome. go see it.

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