1. rtuy  

    it didnt help that you posted it causing people to take advantage who otherwise wouldnt have. "the powers that be" probably couldnt have missed the paper usage spike in the past couple of weeks as a result...i know i repeatedly found that the printers had no paper

  2. CML  

    This is cramping my Rasterbator usage. How can I decorate my suite now?

  3. bwog  

    yeah, thanks bwog for ruining the fun.

  4. Come on guys...  

    The powers that be knew about it all along.

  5. Gee Ess

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA GS only gets 100 a MONTH!

    • SEAS '10  

      Hahaha, that really sucks. I don't get it though, don't they more-or-less take the same amount of classes and pay the same tuition (or more if you factor in the lack of financial aid for GSers)? Why only 100 a month?

    • GSer  

      Um, I don't know where you think you are getting your information from, but we get 100 a week plus the 100/semester reserve, exactly the same as you guys. There are plenty of ways in which GSers get screwed compared to CC/SEAS (see: financial aid), but print quota is not one of them.

  6. Forget 100  

    Forget 100, I can't get the printers to put out a damned sheet. They malfunction whenever I print from my account.

  7. Lalalalal  

    hahahahaha you're all too stupid to defeat the print quota work-around. You must not have any friends. hahahahahah

  8. bwog...  

    there are some things you guys shouldn't post. because when you do it ruins it for everyone, instead of letting some people reap the benefits. news would have spread by word-of-mouth and we'd all have enjoyed free paper for a long time...but now instead nobody can print endlessly. thanks a lot.

    • The Dink  

      You're right, the lack of print quota counting would REALLY spread by word of mouth. I mean, shit, unlimited printing? That is some HOT GOSSIP!

    • this is an...  

      the moral of the story is, when you live in the city, and you find something awesome... be it an awesome bar, a cheap neighborhood or a parking spot or even a printer with a busted meter KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT!

      human nature is to talk about all the awesome things you discover... DON'T SUCCUMB, otherwise you'll be merely a lame jackass with a big mouth who used to know some tricks...

  9. uhm  

    CC gets 125 a week plus the reserve. i have no idea why - maybe particular schools pay CUIT for their students' fraction of total Columbia technology costs and GS is more strapped for cash?

    • GSer  

      That's weird, because according to this page:


      all the undergrads get the exact same amount:

      Undergraduate Students
      (Columbia College, Engineering, General Studies, Barnard)
      100 pages/week + 100 pages/semester reserve

      So again, not sure where you guys are getting your information from. Really, there are more salient and hilarious reasons to make fun of GS than the print quota. Get some imagination, guys. Even the old "GS = Ex Cons!" stuff from the V-Show three years ago is funnier.

  10. Who cares  

    ctrl+alt+youknowwhat, bitch

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