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jjIslamo-fascist Awareness Week is almost upon us, but it seems that promised guest Sean Hannity won’t be among the celebrants. From a College Republicans listserv e-mail:

“Unfortunately, while Sean Hannity has been promoting his appearance at Columbia for weeks now and wants very much to come to our campus, there has been a serious illness in his family and his schedule is as of now undetermined. However, we are very excited to still host David Horowitz on that same day.”

At least Hannity would have been new. Bwog can’t see Horowitz–who’s already baited the Muslim community on the Spec op-ed page–differing much from two years ago, with a few Ahmadinejad references thrown in. Meanwhile, the College Republicans are holding a series of fun events (we missed did not miss next week’s last night’s vigil for the “untold millions who suffer under tyrannical Islamic regimes“). But that’s about all we know, since the GOP won’t return Bwog’s e-mails.

Meanwhile, if you notice a bunch of people wearing green next week, that’s why.




  1. Sprinkles

    And people wonder why Republicans are called racist.

    • Donut  

      And people wonder why Democrats are called stupid...

      What exactly is the Republican club doing that is so racist? Holding vigils for the countless minorities currently being repressed in Islamic countries?

      Go Horowitz.

      • You dumb ass  

        I'm sure the Republicans are really concerned about the millions suffering under tyrannical Islamic regimes, right? Keeps them awake at night, doesn't it? Oh those lovely, big-hearted souls. Fuck Horowitz. I can't believe people are dumb enough to fall for a campaign of bigotry under a bullshit pretext of concern for Moderate Muslims. Wake up.

        • Donut  

          Your comments make it painfully obvious who the real dumb ass is. Despite what you perceive to be their true intentions, the Republicans are holding a vigil to support the repressed masses living under Sharia law in Islamofascist regimes. Rather than supporting them and joining the vigil, you cry about US racism and US fascism and do absolutely nothing about real atrocities in other countries. It is pathetic how the same people who rally against Bush and the Republicans for their political views never show the same hatred for the Mullahs of Iran, who are far more bigoted, homophobic, and xenophobic than Bush can ever hope to be.

          Furthermore, hating Islamofascism is not bigotry - you are simply hiding your head in the sand. Go read the official charter of Hamas for your first lesson on Islamofascism.

        • I am  

          pretty sure Republicans spent most of the 20th century arguing against Communism as inherently oppressive and illiberal. Why should this event come as any surprise?

    • It's my

      first year at Columbia, so this is all a bit new to me... but I'm starting to wonder about the people who seem automatically to label everything Republicans do as racist.

      Can someone give me a simple explanation of why Islamofascist week is racist? We're all against fascism here, right?

      (And since when is Islam a race?)

  2. in the long run

    Chris Kulawik = great at setting himself up as a fourth-rate Dinesh D'Souza, not so great at actually running a student group

  3. hahaha  

    lol theyre not minorities.... strange thought for a conservative but whites don't immediately dominate all societies...

  4. How many  

    people can really be wearing green - there are only like 3 people on this campus who believe in this week anyway....

  5. Reality Check  

    Does anybody seriously deny that the repressive regimes and non-state entities targetted by this campaign are fascist?

  6. ummm  

    Bwog, learn how to read. If you look at the CUGOP website, you will realize that you didn't miss the Candlelight vigil:

    Candlelight Vigil
    Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2007
    Time: 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
    Location: Sundial on the Steps

  7. woo  

    go horowitz!

    go republicans!

    but fuck hannity. he's a retard.

  8. Uninspired

    The College Republicans do, I must admit, lack originality... It's too bad, really. There is so much potential just being wasted on the regurgitation of pop media's images of Republicanism!!

    Really, where is the next Rove? I want to see some magic here.

  9. what a joke

    what did horowitz do to bait muslims in that particular article? he specifically cited where the term islamo fascist comes from and how the extremists are different from all muslims but asked for a conversation about the issue.

    Bwog, I'm not suprised the repubs don't talk to you. you've ripped on them, made so many snide comments, and reduced yourself to the same pop trash that commentators here and the majority of those on campus try to counter republicans with (in a manner which is eerily reminiscent of bill oreilly)--by just randomly labeling them w/talking points and ignoring substance--is there any surprise they don't want to talk to bwog? I mean bwog's already admittedly a trashy yet sometimes lovable gossip blog. Add to that its brazenly and lock step liberal and it doesn't surprise me that they don't talk to you.

    And what a joke poster #7. Your post only proves that youre so filled with hate that you doubt any good in a political opponent. You understand how vilely hateful that makes you right? You see the world in black and whites and apparently believe no conservative can care for others---remember that's exactly what some deranged conservatives probably think when they label us havana north or stalinists at columbia or whatever. The discourse on campus hasn't been brought down by a controversial speaker or two, but instead by the lazy pop journalism that the leading media sources here resort to (bwog/spec) and the fact the hate filled extremists (like #7) have gained a commanding pulpit amidst controversy. Meanwhile the average student shakes her/his head in disgust and remembers why they hate politics on their way to CC.

  10. blah blah blah  

    you know what would be sweet, if Lydia could sign her initials at the top of her entries so I wouldn't be tricked into wasting my time reading them anymore

  11. ugh  


    the reason why islamo-fascist awareness week is frowned upon by the left is because it is seen as yet another right wing propaganda campaign to justify more military action.

    that's right, more bloodshed and expensive nationbuilding fun from our friendly neighborhood "fiscally conservative" spendthrifts!

    seriously, attack a country with 70 million residents. it's cakewalk guys! cakewalk! why not?! it'll take people's minds off iraq!

  12. the idiocy here  

    is apalling. It's unbelievable that no one on this thread has yet mentioned how rediculous the term "islamofascism" is.
    To that first year: No, we dont support fascism. but Islam and fascism are COMPLETELY SEPARATE ENTITIES. It is absurd to correllate them. Regardless, that is exactly the purpose of Horowitz's little tour. He wants to increase the use of this term in the mainstream media so that prejudice against Muslims is further justified. If that's not racism, I don't know what is.

    Also, lay off Lydia.

    • calm down  

      there is no racism involved. the term 'islamofascism' is appropriate. to call islam fascism would not be. but to refer to a fascism of a particular islamic sort is not racist. do you deny that it exists? don't you realize that the majority of media outlets (AP, Reuters, CNN, NBC, ABC, NYT etc) are left-leaning? It's not like they are hell bent on promoting racism. it IS important to be aware of islamofascism and to actively combat it. as a former muslim, i am appalled at how many muslim groups seek to be treated as though they are above the law just because they think they're being discriminated against.

    • First Year

      I can't help feel a bit uneasy about people who claim that Islamofascist awareness is about justifying military action...

      To begin with, I don't think that anyone could possibility believe - given public opinion on Iraq - that the general public could be convinced to support another war. Certainly not on the basis of human rights violations, anyway. So there wouldn't be much point to Islamo-fascist Awareness if that was the goal.

      But maybe more importantly, it seems dishonest to *start off* accusing someone of lying and having sinister secret motivations rather than taking them at their word. Shouldn't we believe that Islamo-Fascist Awareness is about just (and only) what they claim it's about, until the people putting in on actually say something that contradicts that?

  13. Dumbshits

    There is nothing "fascist" about religious bigotry and oppression. Republicans are too intellectually stunted to see the difference between any of the myriad things they oppose, and so repeatedly apply inappropriate labels to these things. Whether it is referring to a Democrat as Communist or a Muslim extremist as a fascist, Republicans--unable to effectively articulate a reasoned opposition--merely use whatever buzz words give their rabid base the most enduring fake outrage hard-ons.

    Anyone who has read the flyer being emailed around by these fools understands that they view Islam as the problem here--they say as much. LBD is exactly right that they are racists. Anyone who has NOT read this flyer or any of the supporting materials should not make foolhardy statements about the racism of the term based merely on the term itself. While one could easily argue that the term is racist, it is the supporting documentation distributed by Horowitz and his minions that really makes this clear.

  14. hey lyds,

    know this is two days late, but i dont read bwog frequently anymore.

    green is the color to PROTEST Horowitz/Kulawik's "awareness" week. That's why you'll see plenty of people wearing it.

    best wishes to bwog,


    describe this color in one lowercase word: GREEN

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