1. WEED  

    the reference is to WEED.

  2. wellll...  

    i get the reference, and I happen to smoke weed. Regardless, the shirt is fucking stupid!

  3. cc2010 student  

    AJ, your council lost it. go green? go away. ugly shirt

  4. yeah  

    fo' realz - what is this supposed to mean? seems like some inside joke for 2010...

  5. aaah  

    I love grass, the smell, the feel, the high, the taste...because, you see, I eat grass.

  6. heart  

    aj i love you!!
    -- your secret admirer

  7. just  

    wear this shirt for IFA Week(Islamo-Fascism Awareness)! That's right - ALL WEEK

  8. CC '09  

    Though I find the shirts be less-than-impressive, this is just one example of a larger problem. The student council is so out of touch. For example our student council (2009), created the ugliest shirts I've seen in a long time, much worse than these, and were flabergasted when they couldn't sell them. Perhaps if class council was focused on fundamental changes, it wouldn't produce such shitty t-shirts.

  9. ...  

    herbs are fun, but shrooms are strange

  10. This is  

    why it's good to be in SEAS. Intellectual wit + tons of graphic design experience = awesome merchandise.

  11. Columbiatch  

    Engineers have no intellectual wit. Don't even try. I do give you credit for having common sense. You would never be like our dumbass student council wasting fucking money.

  12. hey bwog!  

    seej was next to cc 2010 all day-we have cool shirts too. they say "blow me."

  13. hmm  

    AJ is great, but I think that this shirt was the brainchild of sue yang. bitch is crazy, and so is this shirt.

  14. and besides  

    the color is kind of gross.

    look at that ridiculous setup: the clothesline of paper spelling TSHIRTS is particularly mind-blowing.


  15. haha...  

    the sue yang comment is sooo true...but you can kind of tell that she's running the shit show this year.

  16. sad  

    it's in reference to south lawn or something

  17. merchandising

    columbia merchandising and branding absolutely BLOWS. The "Columbia College" stuff at the bookstore is shit. are they even trying?

    CCSC needs a branding committee a la cornell! http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/22/nyregion/22image.html?_r=1&ex=1145851200&en=607cb05182378152&ei=5087%0A&oref=slogin

  18. mow ~= now  

    what happened to the "what mow?" that was supposed to be on the back of the shirt. i was going to buy it because of the "what mow?"
    jk, hahahaha...

  19. Me likey  

    Sue Yang is running shit. I'd tap that; she's Asian and she has some (relatively) nice tits! =)

  20. joe  

    hahaha @ post above

  21. the truth  

    the aj pascua (read: sue yang) class council has lost it. these shirts are the perfect example of how the council itself is one big insider's game. the e-board is the perfect example of cronyism and the shirts are a lousy attempt at an inside joke.

  22. idiot comments

    stop hating on sue yang -- the girl is talented and one of the most hard working people on this campus. go get a life if you have nothing better to do than to write mean comments.

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