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  1. Wait

    Wait, didn't you just copy this all from Ivygate? Posting nothing is better than posting garbage

  2. ...

    has the library been keeping the third floor reference and catalog rooms open 24 hours as has been the case during past midterms? i haven't seen signs posted anywhere.

  3. yep  

    the streaker was ages ago anyway, even if a yalie. study for your pithy midterms!

  4. Pithy Midterms?  

    I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  5. the good news  

    I posted a comment on ivygate about how bell jar did it already. I've got your back, bwog. Except I think I misspelled "Bell Jar". Eh, what're you going to do?

  6. Belle Jar  

    Did he graduate?

  7. bleh  

    A follow-up to my own question. The third flor is open 24 hours beginning tonight through November 3.

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