WKCR wants YOU to help save independent radio

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The New York Times
‘ City Room has a profile on the famous Dizzy Gillespie Chair and WKCR’s current fundraising efforts. It seems that WKCR is poor–more so than most Columbia organizations, apparently–and if you want the marathon fundraising broadcast to stop, send cash.

An unrelated bizarre Columbia tidbit, artist/druggie/photographer/hipster Dash Snow (punk polaroids of youth culture, grunge art) is the grandson of Robert Thurman (Jey Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, B&W‘s October Conversation), which means Dash Snow is also related to Uma Thurman!

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  1. Dash Snow

    Is also related to Max Snow, who is currently dating an Olsen twin (can't remember which one and who cares anyway).

  2. sniffing coke off a

    what cool pictures! i wish i were a junky too, cause, like, that's so hot!!!


  3. confused

    how old is this guy? and who is he? those pictures are ____ !!

  4. that's  

    enough coke to feed an army

  5. diamonds on my neck

    also great grandson of texan oil bling masters the de menils.

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