Stolen goods?

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A Bwog tipster recently brought to our attention that the Alpha Delta Phi pirate flag has been missing from the 114th Street brownstone for awhile now. What happened? “It was apparently stolen by MIT’s chapter of the frat last week,” so says our tipster (although this has not been confirmed by ADP itself).

If so be the case: fraternal emasculation? Ouch.

As far as we know/have seen, though, the Swedish flag still proudly flies.

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  1. wait  

    uhh, its adp. emasculation isnt really an issue is it? they dont really base their identity on any real masculinity right?

    • Ha! Ha!  

      #1 got it right on the money. ADP is nothing even approaching a "frat." More like a society for assorted hipsters, gays, artsy types, etc..., but certainly nothing approaching the lines of Beta, Psi U, or Pike.

      • actually

        the chapter at mit is fairly traditional in its frattiness.

        so the adjective is quite fair in describing that chapter.

        and also, who says a fraternity has to be filled with dumb jocks? animal house taught us that they can be filled with pranksters and jokesters. revenge of the nerd taught us they can be filled with nerds. and van wilder showed us that fraternity guys are just stuck up jerks that deserve to be fed dog semen. so why not artsy hipsters too?

      • Really?  

        In my experience, Beta, Pike and Psi U have nothing in common.

  2. adp  

    "It was apparently stolen by MIT's chapter of the frat last week"

    not true

  3. ehh

    stolen by the mit chapter is a good guess as any.

    those flags come and go.

  4. logic  

    columbia's been refurbishing the facades of the brownstones since the summer. maybe that's why it's down?

  5. Sprinkles

    There's nothing like a hate crime at TC to make you realise just how pointless fraternities are.


    • does

      that even make any fucking sense? I'm not sure there's actually a coherent opinion to be had there.

      do fraternities necessarily equal hate crimes? or perhaps after a "hate crime" (or bias incident, or discontent exposition, or whatever the fuck you want to call it), all else is meaningless. maybe we should all drop everything from our educations to our jobs to our lives, to really focus on the oppressive natures dwelling within all of us. it's what all of those SHOCC-esque groups want anyway.


  6. old school  

    showed us that fratboys can even be middle aged men who have sex with high school chicks

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