Week in Review: Ribbon-Cutting Edition

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Should you care to look back on the last week with us as we procrastinate on those last few midterm papers, Bwog brings you one of its occasional Weeks in Review.

Homecoming happened
on Saturday  — we’re hoping for better luck next year, both in terms of wins and coverage. In the meantime, Bwog saw the passing of two of our Facebook incarnations within the span of a weekend (RIP, BandW Bwog and Facebook Verily Veritas) while our grass also suffered an onslaught of children and various notable figures (including Julie Andrews and Cheech of Cheech & Chong fame, which somehow seems very wrong).

Meanwhile, sophomores began the week with the expected annual CC lecture while CCSC debated holiday festivities and dining plan prices. In the same day, we brought you adventures with salvia (although mind you, the Hulk filming at Riverside is indeed, fact, and not at all a drug-induced post). Tuesday brought you the ups and downs of being a celebrity personal assistant and news of a still-happening Kim’s sale while one of our editors embarked on a journey of FroYo interviews regarding the arrival of Pinkberry (which is apparently made out of “weird animals”).

Wednesday took readers to the pews with a church hop to St. Michael’s and (while we’re on the subject of good tidings) brought news of Kenneth Jackson’s grandson. Also in the day’s postings: a party with Eric Foner, Todd Gitlin, and David Eisenbach; an n+1 guerrila invasion in the library; and a J-School graduate goest to the Vatican.

According to yesterday’s news: Sean Hannity‘s got a crisis that might keep him from showing up to campus next week, while WKCR‘s trying to keep any monetary crisis from taking them over. Part Deux of the Tour de Street Carts went up while we begin the season of theater reviews with Cowboys and Indians. Meanwhile, Fridays remained the usual low-key, save the case of the missing ADP flag and a series of glorious Photoshopped portraits.

This week’s exodus of the old ID’s and an influx of the new is also received a bit of quiet fanfare in lounges across campus (as illustrated above). New plastic, but alas: same awkward pre-frosh photo.


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    Paragraph 3: The "party" had Eric Foner with Gitlin and Eisenbach.

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