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kkSure, you can do it in your pyjamas, but running a blog is still work–and right now, Bwog is a few daily editors short. Each of our staff of seven Bwoggers is on call for one 24-hour period per week, QuickSpecking, making posts out of tips that come into [email protected]…and bantering via e-mail about nothing in particular.

Interested? Here’s the application:

1. Five (5) QuickSpec headlines for any issue this week or next week.

2. One (1) previous Bwog post you liked and why.

3. One (1) previous Bwog post you didn’t like and why.

4. A paragraph about how Bwog could improve, not to exceed three hundred (300) words.

5. A list of five (5) ideas for future posts and/or consistent features.

5. A mock Bwog post on a topic of your choice, not to exceed four hundred (400) words.

E-mail what you come up with to [email protected] no later than NEXT SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27 at 11:59 PM. And feel free to contact us in the meantime with questions.

Also! Along with the rest of the blog establishment, we’re branching into V-LOGGING–if you like recording things, drop us a line. 



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  2. 5 5  

    You've got two fives there.

  3. For some reason  

    I find the spelling pyjamas instead of pajamas to be abhorrent.

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