1. amazing  

    this was the coolest thing i've ever seen. ever!

  2. I want one.  

    it was harassing pre-med students. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. fcb

    Could it tell whether someone was wearing a suit or not?

    • my guess  

      it is controlled by people and either they are in the same area or the robot has a camera on it is my guess. the sony store used to have a cooler version of this with cameras.
      sounds like a sweet job though, ridicule folks from a hidden place with anonymity...it's just like being a bwog commenter but getting paid for it

  4. fcb

    Or, I guess maybe everyone there was wearing suits (60% polyester).

  5. hmm  

    i, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

  6. Housing  

    Can they replace Facilities and Maintenance? Please?

  7. more details.  

    also, the robot lifted his hands up and said, "wheeee!" as he slid down the ramp.

  8. I bet

    I bet that thing got affirmative action

  9. chris swinehart

    i want photos of this robot

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