1. fest

    oh columbia... you haven't changed a BIT!

  2. hairs  

    bwog, how could you have been that bored before 9am on a weekend??

  3. OH SHIT

    they dubbed the colored kid:
    "I'm just your typical Columbia monkey man, standing up here and talking to you, and looking like a big fat asshole. I really don't belong here, but what the fuck, you know? I mean I am just such a fool, standing up here and looking like a monkey, but that's what I am, so like please, you know, remember M-O-N-K-E-Y M-A-N-N-Y MONKEY MANNY."

    You can tell they dubbed it over because at the end the real guy says "Is that okay?"

    Clearly, Columbia has not changed AT ALL.

  4. ...

    1980 + pot + "disco sucks" = Freaks and Geeks.

  5. me!  

    good stuff, which I could've hung out with these kids. barnard girls haven't changed either.

  6. ???  

    This video is no longer available.

  7. i think  

    the geometer would be displeased with the amorphous nature of those barnard girls

  8. Anonymous

    too bad there isn't a "where are they now" video

  9. '07

    wow, these people would be fairly old today. i'm glad i saw that it was done in 1980 because my dad had just graduated the previous spring and i half expected to see him as one of the stoners in the opening shot.

  10. f (Barnard) :  

    x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = k

    Where k is an arbitrarily large constant, which may increase in the future.

  11. yeah . . .  

    my dad graduated in 78 and I showed him the video. He thought it was pretty accurate. He said the Barnard girls were ugly and didn't neccesarily get along with the Columbia guys, so they actually bused in FIT girls to go to parties. He said the FIT girls were "much prettier." ha

  12. i was  

    wondering when bwog would get a hold of this gem.

    my personal favorite:

    "this guy grew his hair like this because his head comes to a point."

    my only question is why the narrator sounds like the guy from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-zhb_6G988

  13. boredom  

    can also lead to spending way too much time laughing at people on the internet reacting to the latest harry potter news.

  14. boyo  

    what the fuckery IS that?

    And that's how guys used to look in the 80s? *shudder* I was screaming for that one dude to put his shirt back on but I'm a masochist and could not look away.

  15. barnard  

    i never thought i'd say this, but...

    thank you cc students of the 00's, your barnard jokes are way funnier now than they were in the '80s (most of the time).

  16. 2 postings per day?

    what happened to the old bwog, bwog?

    i could swear the content used to be a hell of a lot more plentiful and entertaining.

  17. truth  

    a few things are still pretty relevant...

    a) some columbia students are still mildly racist
    b) barnard girls (and all of the affiliated jokes) remain the same
    c) pot is still big
    d)columbia students are still the bullshitters of tomorrow.
    e) students still dress lame

  18. According

    to CU's official alumni directory, there is no mention of a Kevin Karn.

  19. Yes it's true

    I am one of the guys in the film. I was just a few weeks past my 18th birthday when we filmed this.

    I will be happy to answer any questions :-)

    PS: Yeh, Kevin is real. See his YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/ageteccorp

    He still makes movies, but in Japan nowadays. Check out Nylon - production values much better.

    Aaaah, FIT girls, good memories.

    PS, we weren't trying to be racist, just offensive to everybody. Manny was probably a nice guy, but he was one of those kids who was perenially running for student government positions, and whatever he said on film was so freaking boring at the time that we dubbed over it. No intent to be racist - we just thought he was a funny looking guy.

    We showed this film at, of all things, a Barnard film fest to 400 students. It was wildly popular with about 1/2 the attendees, and booed down by the other half.

  20. Yes, it's true

    Here's a few more facts to chew on:

    Many of us in the film didn't graduate on time. That may be why you haven't found Kevin's record yet.

    I've always thought this film should be in Butler Hall (or wherever the Columbia Archives is now) for its historical value.

    An interesting factoid is that my graduating class (1983, with whom I did not graduate, not till several years later) was the peak year for drug use in the USA. By all accounts we late 1970s-early 1980s guys were the crest of a dubious wave, and drug usage has subsided since then.

    Interestingly also, we heard at the time that we were the first Columbia class in memory with so many stoners failing to graduate on time and lingering behind that for the first time in memory Columbia actually had to REDUCE the size of its subsequent incoming class to keep some room for us. Not something which made the CU administration very happy, I'm sure, but I give them enormous credit for the patience they showed to all of us.

    We eventually did graduate and move on to careers deemed successful from some perspectives. :-)

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