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This just in from a friend of Bwog:

lost and found“I lost my necklace presumably on the steps between Hamilton and College Walk, as that is where I totally and embarrassingly fell flat on my face while attempting to learn the date of Michelangelo’s Bacchus and walk at the same time. It is a jade circle on a red string. In addition to bestowing my eternal love and affection, I would totally bake cookies for anyone who finds it.”

And another one, perhaps more drastic:

“I’ve lost my glasses!  They’re dark brown Hugo Boss frames that have a little bit of cream near the lenses.  They have thick temples that taper down behind the ears.  The prescription in the right eye is much stronger than that in the left.  Probably left in Altschul at Barnard, but also potentially in Hamilton. Pinkberry and/or eternal love, if you find them.”

If you find a necklace or glasses, or if you’ve lost anything else, let us know at [email protected]



  1. how exactly  

    does one become a "friend of bwog"?

  2. here's hoping  

    that you find your necklace!

  3. Blowjobs  

    Lots of blowjobs.

  4. This Just In  

    I lost my virginity! I think it's somewhere in John Jay! I really need it back, it has a lot of sentimental value. A quick lay if you find it!

  5. it's official  

    this is the last bwog post that i read.

  6. BWOG  

    This amoeba-like creature found in the bowels of Columbia University not only reports on campus related things, but also helps other individuals. Fascinating!

  7. sigh  

    I wish I had known that Bwog took lost item inquiries when I lost my very nice and very necessary pair of glasses last year. Instead, I went blind for an entire semester. I'm really smart.

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