If You Build It, They Will Come

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Pinkberry, the hotly anticipated SoCal fro-yo chain, has finally opened its doors in Morningside Heights! 

The interior is sleek and colorful, the chairs are plastic and transparent, and the shelves stocked with decorative Japanese kitsch. The ceiling is painted sky-blue and during Bwog’s all-too-brief pit-stop at Pinkberry, the music rotated from Moby to Musak.

 And what of the Pinkberry itself? Well, firstly, what is it? Bwog’s Pinkberry-transporter box (apparently Pinkberry melts extremely quickly) read: Contains Swirly Goodness. Swirly Goodness comes in two flavors: Original and Green Tea. Isabelle, a long-time Pinkberry-lover told Bwog she preferred the Original to the Green Tea. So did Joan and Emily, some first-timers who decided against the Green Tea for their trial Pinkberry run.

The sparseness of the flavor choices is made up for in the assortment of toppings: Chocolate chips, yogurt chips, almond slices, cookies and cream, granola, Cocoa Puffs, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch, and fresh fruits such as pomegranate, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, and raspberry. Each topping costs $.95 (A small Pinkberry will set you back $2.95). Pinkberry employees Heather and Ornella reported that Original is far outselling Green Tea, while today’s most popular toppings have been chocolate chip and strawberries.

Columbians have already began making the store feel like home. At the three circular tables, a B-School-looking type was pounding away at his Blackberry in between scarfing down bites of Original with Cocoa Puffs.

“Yeah, we’ve never had Pinkberry, but we’re excited to try. We’ve heard it’s different from Tasti,” commented Emily, referring to the far inferior fro-yo distributer located above Ferris. “Tasti?” scoffed long-time Pinkberryer Isabel. “I don’t even remember what that tastes like!” May we all be so lucky one day.

– JNW, photo by SEV

UPDATE 10:42 PM: Visit their website to hear the Pinkberry Song. “Pinkberry for me, Pinkberry! P-I-N-K-B-E-R-R-Y.” Why yes of course there’s also a remix. (Virtual, extra-large Pinkberry to Hannah Goldfield)



  1. my vote:  


    screw that pinkberry yuppie shit.

    (besides, that pinkberry yuppie shit doesn't accept fake money.

  2. I guess  

    Cap'n Crunch accounts for the weird animals.

  3. hahaha  

    yes, i was hoping someone would reference the weird animals comment!

  4. Anonymous  

    but when do they close!!?!?!? hours of operation plz.

  5. anal corrections  

    It's not fro yo...it's "frozen dessert" because, like Tasti, it is made with a mix and is not actually yogurt. There was big controversy over this in LA a few months ago.

    Also, they don't have chocolate chips. Only carob chips which are similar and allow people to pretend that they are eating "healthy" when having Pinkberry (like Pinkberry itself).

    For a slight little burst of opinion, the green tea is far superior to the original and also lower in calories.

    • Oh yes they do

      have chocolate chips. They have carob chips and yogurt chips as well, but really, why bother with those?

      Oh, and the green tea tastes like something that was scraped off the underside of the 1 train. About three weeks ago.

  6. it is  

    tangy and tart. in comparison, tasti tastes too sweet. also i'd say pinkberry has an icier texture.

  7. woah...  

    i wasn't expecting it to be that good (considering I'm not a big fan of tart tasting foods), but It was actually delicious. the fruit is pretty fresh too.

  8. I thought  

    It was really disgusting. I was completely underwhelmed. Not worth the $5.50.

  9. crack  

    it was really good. i want another one. i am going to get fat eating pinkberry this semester.

  10. Alex Star

    Pinkberry is an inferior and pretentious version of me.

  11. alexw  

    I currently own one Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry (in regards to Peace) and one Pullit Surprise.

  12. I will open  

    a competing store called "RedBerry" However, the restaurant go-ers won't know that the red berries are poisonous.

  13. note  

    i went today. the blackberries are HUGE! also the pomegranate doesn't taste that good with the stuff. i prefer strawberries and blueberries

  14. wow

    do any of you leave the campus? there are pinkberries all over ny, it's really not news.

    by the by, they had some health violations over the summer. http://gothamist.com/2007/06/18/mice_love_pinkb.php

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