Militarism grips Ivy League

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Not content with battling it out in the U.S. News and World Report rankings, the Ivies are throwing it down by way of that most gentlemanly of pastimes: war! Or rather, inter-campus computerized simulations of games that simulate war! Kind of!

Our buddies at GoCrossCampus have organized an Ivy League championship. While Columbia hasn’t won a single outright basketball or football championship in the League, we all know that cross-country Risk is the glamour sport of the future. So take up arms, Columbians! Let our arrows blot out the sun! We’ll make Princeton pine for 1777! Hoohah!


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  1. Risk nerd  


  2. apparently

    nobel peace prize winner doris lessing loves the pres bo http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8SEFAKG0&show_article=1 (is it that hard to get the 'u' correct in columbia?)

  3. the truth  

    there will be no day more glorious than when the legions of Columbia march into Harvard Yard and destroy the statue of John Harvard and replace it with a replica of Alma Mater....

  4. ridiculous  

    but its not a matter of pride any more. We need more people if we want to be a competitor, Yale has us outnumbered 4:1. sign up now. Bwog, post a link

  5. Glad to see

    that they didn't include Barnard on the map.

  6. Off-topic but

    Pinkberry just opened!

  7. SPARTA  



    Our extensive knowledge of ancient Greek military history should give us the edge, obviously. Join the ranks, Columbians!

  8. Columbiatch  

    John Harvard's statue shall give Alma head. No quakers, dogs-with-melting-faces, or tin cans shall stand in our way!

  9. well bless my soul

    sweet jesus, someone might think they SHOULD be taking classes with us!

  10. If we  

    enslave the barbarians to the North, our legions shall be invincible!
    ::cut scene::
    - But this is MADNESS!

  11. alexw  

    I currently own one Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry (in regards to Peace) and one Pullit Surprise.

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