1. XJE  

    If you're referring to the terrifying lamps, they're having new ones made (according to the weekly renovation updates posted in the library). As you may remember, one of them fell off and broke last year.

  2. smokers suck  

    would it have been such a tragedy? it would have saved the tobacco companies the trouble of destroying their bodies...

  3. i think smokers  

    destroy themselves. But corporations are pretty corporationy...

  4. The DInk  

    one less smoker, a little less demand for tobacco, which sucks the life out of the soil.

  5. uhh...  

    I'm pretty sure it didn't fall, given that there were guys on scaffolds taking them down last year...

  6. there...  

    from Butler's renovation page for this week:
    "Cleaning & re-pointing the North façade below the columns has been completed except for the green stains flanking the front entrance. These stains will be removed in preparation for the re-installation of the refurbished lanterns. The front entrance will CLOSE during this work."

    They were being cleaned, not removed because they fell off, although admittedly having them fall on one of the hipster-vampire smokers would be infinitely funnier.

  7. ...

    uh. there haven't been lights all semester.

    and i remember a piece falling off last year too. scary stuff!

  8. one can only hope  

    I heard it fell off and killed a barnard girl

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