Peace Walk for Freedom of Burma (Happening Now!)

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Bwog was out getting afternoon coffee when the Starbucks Barista pointed towards Broadway. “I originally thought it was a gay pride parade. But I think it’s an Asian pride parade.”

Actually, despite the rainbow flag and several Asian participants, it was neither. A group of about 15 students (and one monk) gathered in front of Starbucks holding rainbow peace flags and wearing “Free Burma” shirts. One of the flag-wavers told Bwog that they were marching to the Burmese embassy on 72nd, and tomorrow they would be meeting up with other students from different universities are walking from the Burmese mission to the United Nations building. 


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  1. marlyn  

    burma is so omg like the new sudan or whatevs.

    too bad i was already like totes campaigning for burma back in colonial times.

    what's next? a campaign for amritsar? hoooonestly...

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