Text Messages Are the New Emails

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Columbia—in what the administration says are efforts to “ensure redundancy across our communications channels” (swear to God)—has launched the Text Message Enrollment program, in which the University will be sending out important messages to students who register their mobile numbers with SSOL.  

The email introducing the Text Message Enrollment program cites “the portability and ubiquity” of cell phones as contributing factors that eventually won over the hearts of tech-savvy bureaucrats.   

Weather emergencies and major transit interruptions are possible instances in which registered students would receive a text message. 

“its snowin, 1 skippin 116 :( luv CU”

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  1. text messages

    are so over. everyone in Brooklyn uses Twitter

  2. what...

    ...are you talking about? Twitter has been over for weeks. Everyone is using carrier pigeons - it's super indie

  3. Carrier Pigeons!

    Oh my god they're everywhere!! They're clawing at my eyes!!!

  4. i hope  

    cu doesn't get drunk in a couple years and text me in the middle of the night saying it always wanted to hook up.

  5. wow..  

    Seriously BWOG, get your act together. We've known about this for 2 weeks. Since your reporting depth sucks, I'd at least expect up-to-the-minute news.

  6. these  

    comments are great

  7. nope,  

    just realized they're all by the same person. LAAAAAME.

  8. I agree

    Commenter #1 is awesome!

  9. And

    Commentators #11 and 12 are totally different people!

  10. of the  

    commenter mystique.

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