1. pinkberry...  

    is all right...i guess... It's just a big deal right now, but honestly, there are only two flavors, and it will eventually get old.

  2. Pinkberrrie lover  

    this shit will last for a long long time...

  3. fuck pinkberry &  

    let's talk about how so many students are having problems with their new IDs and they aren't doing anything about it...

  4. twf  

    Wooh! Spectator! Seriously PinkBerry smells like paint.

  5. Please Bwog

    For the love of GOD...

    I would like to officially put in a request to Bwog to delete every single comment that consists of only "!!!!!!!!!" in the name field and "FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!" in the body.

    I am so sick of seeing these (the same one person, I'm sure) every time I open up a post, I would put toxic waste in this commenter's coffee if I knew who he or she was (or maybe he's had too much already, which is why he's such an...IDIOT).

    This isn't Gawker or Perez Hilton where five billion people are clamboring for one milli-second of anonymous glory for being the first one to comment (and say nothing of interest other than "first"). This is Bwog. Go get a life. Or better yet, go die.

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!  


  7. wtf?  

    pinkberry's great, but why do their decorations look like dildos??

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