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By now, reader, you have probably become accustomed to Bwog hosting contests, what with the photography and photoshop contests, as well as the current “become an editor” contest. Well, the next contest is our Halloween Contest, where you must dress up in costume, photograph yourself, and send it to us before midnight of All Hallow’s Eve, in order to win a prize: perhaps fame? Perhaps something concrete? (Check for updates).

And now a brief educational interlude: Which previous phrase in italics could be a translation of some form of the Spanish verb “acostumbrarse“? The word has “costum” in it, but it’s a trap! A “falso cognato,” as they say, a phrase ironically composed of two “truo cognatos”! To everyone else taking Spanish midterms tomorrow, good luck!

Halloween is next Wednesday, so you have a little over a week to go incognito. Send in your submissions to [email protected].  If you’re not participating, know this: it is customary to wear a costume on Halloween even if you don’t enter an online contest.

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  1. Well

    clearly DHI has been talking to JPR

  2. Ackbar cereal

    Your tongues can't repel flavor of that magnitude!

  3. This whole contest  

    IS A TRAP!!

  4. RC = love  

    HHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA i just laughed for 5 minutes I had totally forgotten about that fucking classic...

  5. i'm betting  

    Ahmadinejad will be a popular costume. Hell, you all can use your Borat costumes from last year without the tie, or possibly with a khaki jacket.

  6. i hope  

    to achieve mucho exito.

    ay ay ay!

  7. yo...  

    does anyone who smg2101 is?

  8. umm  

    "cognato falso", i think, not "falso cognato". in spanish, nouns precede adjectives. also, it's a genuine cognate, to 'accustom oneself' - which is actually closer to the sound than 'costume oneself'.

    but good luck on that midterm!

  9. halloweenie  

    Dearest Bwog -
    Consider moving the deadline back a bit? Because I know I won't be putting on my (kickass, btw) costume until Halloween night, and if I get home before midnight, then clearly I will have done something wrong. (Yes, I could take pictures, upload them, and send them out before I leave, but it's hard to do all three of those things while drunk, which I will undoubtedly be.)
    Gossip Girl

  10. soooo...  

    when are they going to post the winner?!

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