1. deet  

    skyr is the devil. yummy at first but when you eat it for breakfast 10 days in a row you want to cry.

  2. yumm..  

    if this is what vagunal bacterious cultures taste like, i'm in...

  3. WRONG  

    skyr in iceland might be made with those cultures but here its the same as yogurt. this skyr is made in upstate new york.

  4. bio(nic) woman!  

    actually, lactobacillus in yogurt (yes, it is in Skyr) is great for the vagina! It helps prevent bad bugs from growing "down there".

  5. Anonymous

    has anyone tasted this? is it tastier than Fage?

  6. YES!

    Much tastier than Fage, in my opinion. Definitely thicker.

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