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A few bits of news that have built up over the last few days. 


Stepping over the line: The image at right is a poster found on Sunday in Lerner and sent to Bwog yesterday, mimicking the graffiti found in a SIPA bathroom stall about a month ago. We’re presuming it’s trying to make the same point as the posters down at George Washington a few weeks ago…a bit more bluntly.  

Shades of Gilchrist: David Horowitz tried to speak at Emory last night, but got heckled off the stage by what appears to have been an outside group. Emory’s College Republicans effectively parlayed the incident into a PR coup, while accusations of fascism whizzed over the heads of those assembled. Tomorrow’s event at Columbia is being tightly controlled–the Emory paper didn’t make clear whether their lecture was RSVP-only, which it seems might have helped things.

Hillel under pressure: We mentioned a few days ago that the Progressive Jewish Alliance was petitioning the Hillel Executive Board to “denounce ‘Islamo-fascism Awareness Week’ as a campaign of misinformation, malice, and hatred against our Muslim colleagues at Columbia.” They ended up presenting 150 signatures, and the board responded with a carefully worded statement, which reads as follows:

“The Columbia/Barnard Hillel is primarily a religious and cultural group, not a political one, and did not have any role in the invitation of David Horowitz, or any role in his ‘Islamo-Fascism Week.’ David Horowitz speaks only for himself as an individual, not on behalf of the entire Jewish Community.”

Not exactly a denunciation, but it seems to have made the PJA happy.

Tomorrow there will be an open-mic speakout and rally at the Sundial at 11:00 AM, a panel discussion with various lefties at noon in Lerner C569 (see details on the events calendar), and the man himself speaks at 12:30 in Lerner Cinema. Look out for coverage as the day progresses.




  1. nitpicker  

    If you're gonna be a racist douche, you should at least work on your handwriting so I don't have to spend so long deciphering your inanity. (I initially thought we were gonna wake up and blow up McDonald's, not Medina, and for a minute there I was like, hey, that could actually help our ever-expanding-ass situation over here, then I read it again...)

    And furthermore, America isn't for Europeans, white or otherwise. Europe is for Europeans. America is for everyone. It's not like Whitey was even the first to lay claim to all of the territory, anyway. So unless you are of 100% Native American descent, you don't have a leg to stand on with regards to bitching about immigrants. I don't care if your family came over on the Mayflower, the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa-fricking-Maria, you're still of an immigrant background in this country. If you're so hung up on white Europeans, move to a whiteish European country. I wish you the best of luck, though - racism in Europe is handled in an even graver and less tolerated manner than it is here. Your backwards-assed xenophobic shit won't fly there, and hopefully someday it won't fly here, either.

  2. is sarcasm  

    only for white europeans as well, or is there some other guideline that determines who gets or doesn't get the facetiousness of this poster?

  3. THE KING  

    We're gonna blow up McDonald's!

  4. bwog  

    enough flyers. seriously. enough.

  5. maybe  

    the GW article is being ironic about the ironic flyers. It would be hilarious if it was. But. . . I doubt it.

  6. rjt  

    My comment there was in reference to Blacky Fun Whitey, that people might have understood the joke better with something like the republican elephant that IS on this poster.

  7. ...

    I mean, clearly this commentator doesn't know what to expect any more considering that Kulawik runs the republicans on campus...

    I mean, this seems to be a modest proposal type satire but someone like Kulawid would be the type to propose eating irish babies......

    • you know whats

      hilarious--how the claim that islamofascist dehumanizes an entire group falsely is made by the same people who make these absurd anti republican/kulawik/any thing right of 'lets rush the stage against the suxors!!!' statements

      but yeah. republicans eat babies. that's why we want to stop abortions. it'd solve world hunger

  8. this is different  

    this door shit caused quite a stir, some right-wing asshole throws it this way, this poster is a nice way of throwing it back.

  9. hmmm  

    Chris Kulawik probably doesn't know any Irish people

  10. Anonymous

    even as satire, this takes the line and jumps over it.

  11. Weird

    Although this one is obviously not by the CR, it seems to be made by someone with a tactless sense of sarcasm.

    Has anyone noticed a tendency in flyers to proclaim self-inflammatory statements in order to solicit some understanding? Last year there were some regarding Financial Aid. This year there were also some Latino ones, with phrases like "Is your father a druglord?" or something...

  12. uoeuoe  

    LMAO that flyer is hilarious. whoever posted that roolz.

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