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Behind the jump is what you’ve all been waiting for– the answers to the last two Bluebook crossword puzzles in all their corny glory. Enjoy, and stop pestering the alias.

First-Years Just Don’t Understand

Across                             Down

4. butlermasterbator           1. felipetarud

7. love                                2. creepytwins

9. cred                               3. dontbeapussy

10. uris                               5. mattsanchez

12. specblogs                     6. fox

13. illegal                            8. mcintosh

15. nalgene                         11. renilaine

                                          14. heels



Across                           Down

1. seminars                      1. snow

4. secondsemester           2. turkey

7. tryptophan                   3. lernerlake

8. midterms                     5. mellowcreme

9. exfoliate                      6. tan



  1. what  

    not a first year and still don't know what this is from.

  2. It's hard for me  

    to call a puzzle a crossword if it doesn't have many actual crossed-words in it. It's more like a few-vaguely-connected-words puzzle, or the results of a poor game of scrabble.

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