QuickEye: Rain rain go away

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  1. I thought

    Michael Mann used up all of Moby's music in his films already.

  2. rjt  

    "Typical moviegoers seem to be mostly preoccupied with the plot nowadays, little more than the basic story told on screen."

    This is the greatest sentence ever written in the world of reviews. Damn those typical viewers and their preoccupation with plot!

    Also good is the later phrase "plebian desire for easy narratives."

  3. More to the point

    Someone from Columbia actually got to interview Sir Anthony and it wasn't me?

    I shall now go cry...

  4. you

    don't link to the heroin story? really? are the other articles really that much more interesting than cu kids shooting up?

    not for me.

    • rjt  

      Yeah, thanks for calling my attention to that. It was intense.

    • critic  

      The article had interesting potential that was hindered, sadly, by the shoddy, high school level of writing. So few Eye stories outside of the A+E sections have been engagingly, or even decently, written this year. Has the quality of writers slipped that far, or was it always this bad and now the editors have senioritis and can't be bothered to fix it?

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