1. prezbo article  

    Thought the first commenter was very on point. It's not that these campus organizations are ignored by the administration, they are also largely unsupported by most of the students on campus. If the wares you peddle fail to sell in the free marketplace of ideas, you have to wonder if perhaps it's not everyone else that's racist, apathetic, or ignorant, but maybe yourself and your ideas that are wrong.

  2. not necessary  

    harsh, bwog... when I saw your headline I expected the books article to be pretentious bullshit inspired by n+1 written by (another) obnoxious, lit-hum fueled CC first year. What a pleasant surprise to find a cute story by a barnardite with an actual sense of humor (gasp! in spec?!)

  3. Link the First  

    I always suspected that Stalin was quashing discussion about Islam...

  4. The namedropping  

    is fine as long as she's not doing it to be pretentious. I don't think mentioning Sedaris or a douchebag author counts, so whatev.

  5. Wait...  

    ...she came to Columbia... and she READS?

    Well, if that isn't the strangest damn thing I've ever heard.

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