1. labels  

    Blacks Latinos Arabs Asians Whites????

    Is that really a chant AGAINST racism?

    enforce the boundaries! ask for equality! whattt

    • ???  

      acknowledging the existence of labeled racial groups is "reinforcing the boundaries"? what? you're supposed to end racism just by kind of pretending there's no such thing as Black (or whatever) people?

  2. Also  

    Is that David Judd in the picture? Does he do anything other than protest shit?

  3. That  

    is not David Judd in the picture. (0-1 You)

  4. Wow  

    What a bunch of morons.

  5. erm  

    David Judd is there, though. Just not in the photo.

  6. i think  

    the idea is to think of ourselves as people who happen to be ____, rather than discrete groups of people coming together. The emphasis is on our unifying humanity rather than discretized races.

  7. yes  

    there should be challenges to labels like white or asian. the terms are too broad.

  8. islam  

    is not a race, nor is this about islam as a whole.

  9. at least  

    there was a sane response inside lerner.

  10. Could anybody  

    explain the filename of the photograph accompanying this post?

  11. hmm  

    the filename is "P1010061.jpg"... unless you're referring to the alt text "kkk".

    bwog? what are you trying to say?

  12. well,  

    horowitz is speaking anyways; score is now columbia establishment 50,000 - protestors 2, with the establishment not being scored on since 1987 (own goal by dumb-ass white students who beat up black students outside ferris booth hall)

  13. ralph the tree  

    protest people wasting paper to argue against free speech and inspire protests with extremely low attendance!

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