BREAKING – Serious car accident, 114th and Bway

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Bwog received notice that there’s been a major car accident on the corner of 114th and Broadway involving a yellow taxi cab and a car full of apparently Columbia students. At the scene: highly emotional cab driver, several kids still stuck in the car, two or three people taping it all, and various medical, fire, and police vehicles.

We hope everything is alright; we’ll post again if we hear anything else.

UPDATE, 10:32 PM: CTV’s got the story. 



  1. Carmen 12  

    From Carmen 12 lounge we witnessed one person walk out of the car and the other two be pulled out and put onto stretchers into emergency vehicles by paramedics.

  2. nappyhead3  

    well I hope there are no serious injuries here. Driving in the city is very dangerous kids really have to be careful. You cant be showing off and jerkin around because cabbies are reckless also. Its a bad place to drive.

  3. wow  

    there was another car accident on the other side of broadway at the intersection of 114th st last night too . . . thats crazy. A cab driver was involved last night too

  4. coincidences  

    are sooOOO fucking crrraaAAZZZZYYYY. can you believe that three idiots would comment on one bwog post...AT THE SAME TIME!!!???

  5. accident follower  

    Yeah, the accident last night was on B-Way going downtown right in front of "Havana Central". No one seemed hurt, just cabby + other driver assessing damage. This one happened at aroudn 3:30 - 4:00 AM.

    • Liar  

      Man, the degree of idiocy in these comments is painful.

      The accident last night was just in front of the intersection of Broadway and 113th, and it happened a little after midnight.

      Also, can you believe that a cab driver was involved in an accident? That never happens.

  6. you know  

    i was just crossing broadway about 30 minutes ago and i really noticed for the first time how fast people drive up here when traffic is light. i actually had a full blown daydream of one of the cars veering into the center median where i was standing...

    it's like they throw their foot down to release some of the pent up aggression from sitting in traffic downtown. seems like some of them were approaching 50...

  7. lol  

    50 is fast? where are you from?

  8. 50 is too much

    this isn't the autobahn

    In all of New York City's five boroughs, the speed limit on city streets (but not on highways) is 30 miles per hour.

    50 miles an hour is dangerous in a borough where the population density is greater than 70,000 per square mile

  9. spec says  

    "The three passengers of the Audi were very badly injured and taken to St. Luke’s Hospital. The driver of the cab was uninjured."

    very badly injured? :/ get better guys

  10. Hmm...  

    CTV got a new story out promptly... nice job guys

  11. also  

    did people not see the car crash between the red chevy blazer and taxi cab on 113&broad last night???

  12. seriously  

    it was really epic. i was astounded at how mashed up that cab was!

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